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Ikari Warriors

Ikari Warriors
GenreShoot em Up
Developer / PublisherElite Systems
Media1 x tape
Reviewed byP.Dial
Ikari Warriors is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up developed by SNK for the arcades in 1986. The game was converted in 1987 for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST and Amiga by Elite. Equipped with a machine gun and a limited supply of grenades, you must fight your way home from deep inside guerilla territory!
Ikari WarriorsYour plane crashed in jungle many miles away from your headquarters. You begin as one of the two available survived commandos either Ralf or Clark (you can also play in 2-player mode) and the main task is to fight through the Ikari Village and kill every enemy on your way (soldiers, tanks, cannons etc). Apart of your main weapon (a machine gun) you have a limited supply of hand-grenades too. Grenades can be easily found by destroying enemy sites (barracks etc). Apart from being on-foot, you can also ride a tank and bomb everything at sight. Tanks are immune to soldiers' bullets but not to mines or cannons. Note that Tank's fuel is limited but fortunately you may easily find extra fuel along your way. It's quite interesting that if your Tank is being shot (by a hand-grenade or a missile or by enemy Tank), you have a few seconds (about 3 or so) to leave it and run away before it explodes! Ikari Warriors is a unique for its era bottom-up arcade shooter and many games resembled its gameplay in the later years. It was SNK's attempt to out-gun Capcom's Commando arcade- title which plays similar but with much fewer features (such as the use of a Tank).

Ok, graphically the game is not quite as good as the coin-op (or the 16bits) version but the vertical scrolling is smooth (although slow) and the presentation clear. The game is utilizing the CPC's Mode 0 graphics (160x200 with 16 colors on screen) . Sprites look chunky though.
The aural performance of the CPC version is adequate offering a few sounds FX like explosions, gun fire etc. There is also a nice introductory tune found on the original arcade version.
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors
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Comparable platforms
Amstrad CPC
Commodore C64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Hardware information

Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128

Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128CPU: ZiLOG Z80 4MHZ
MEMORY: 64 KB or 128 KB of RAM depending on the model (capable of being expanded to 512k using memory extension boards)
GRAPHICS: Motorola 6845 address generator, Mode 0: 160x200 / 16 colors, Mode 1: 320x200 / 4 colors, Mode 2: 640x200 / 2 colors, A colour palette of 27 colors was supported
SOUND: The CPC used the General Instrument AY-3-8912 sound chip, providing 3 channels Mono Sound (via internal speaker) but capable to offer Stereo Sound provided through a 3.5 mm headphones jack (with pretty impressive outcome!). Also, it is possible to play back digital sound samples at a resolution of approximately 5bit. This technique is very processor-intensive though.
The Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 (default) color palette
RGB 27-colors palette (16 on screen)
comment on 2009-09-20 19:14:18
WonderboyJoin Date: 2009-09-12
The best of it's kind! Still playing it. Loads of action here. The most innovative at that time was the ability to capture a tank and use it as long as you could, firing with its cannon. A difficult game though, as I never did it up to the 3rd level!
comment on 2019-05-02 07:59:28
alex76grJoin Date: 2017-03-19
Αν το τερματίσεις 10 φορές στην σειρά, τα τανκς αλλάζουν σε τζιπ με πολυβόλο. ;)
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