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Great Western Shootout

Great Western Shootout
GenreShooting Gallery
Developer / PublisherVisual Concepts Ltd / Britannica
Media1 x disk
Reviewed byndial
Back in the Wild-West, Sheriff Oldswell is desperate. Help him to clean up your precious town from any outlaw in a Western-style shooting gallery game, released only for the Apple IIGS computers. Great Western Shootout is a classic Point & Shoot mouse game that offers some good action, with some nice visuals and sampled sounds in a total of 10 Spectacular Shoot-outs.
Great Western ShootoutGreat Western Shootout is a classic shooting-gallery style game, same as the popular Operation Wolf series and the like, which takes place in the Western. Your mission is to travel from location to location blasting away at outlaws in exchange for bounty from the sheriff. You move a crosshair with the mouse and shoot the villains as they peek out from behind cover (i.e. windows, rocks, trees etc). Note that if it takes too long to shoot the outlaws, they will shoot first at you, limiting your precious energy bar. More on that, you must watch not to shoot innocent civilians as they also peek out from behind cover, otherwise some of your health is lost instantly (Hint: the outlaws always wear cowboy hats!). Of course there are times when medicine packs appear on screen, but for a limited time.
The game offers single and two-player mode too!
Great Western Shootout is a nice shooting-gallery game but difficulty increases enough as you progress. Although mouse is not as responsive making the gameplay frustrating at times, still offers some good fun!

Graphics are fine and each location is nicely detailed although most of the graphics are static. The only animated objects here are the outlaws, the civilians and the crosshair of your pistol. Each character is nicely animated but the overall slow-action of the games is somewhat annoying.
Sound is OK, offering nicely sampled gunfire SFX but no music during gameplay.
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
  • Great Western Shootout
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Hardware information

Apple IIGS

Apple IIGSCPU: 16bit WDC 65C816 running at 2.8 MHz
MEMORY: 256 KB to 1MB RAM built-in, expandable to 8MB, 128 to 256 KB ROM built-in.
GRAPHICS: 12bit RGB palette (4096 colours) supporting 320x200 with 16, 256 colors, 640x200 with 2, 64 colors
SOUND: Ensoniq 5503 Digital Oscillator Chip, 8-bit audio resolution, 64 kB dedicated sound RAM, 32 separate channel (software paired them into 16 stereo voices)
The Apple IIGS (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colours palette (16 on screen and up to 256)
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