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Venus The Flytrap

Venus The Flytrap
GenrePlatform Shooter
Developer / PublisherGremlin Graphics
Media2 x disk
Reviewed byndial
Taking control of Venus, a robotic fly, you must battle your way through 50 insect infected levels in an attempt to restore the ecological balance. An excellent side-scrolling platform shooter that was considered among the best for the Amiga and Atari ST.
Venus The FlytrapExtensive use of pesticides has caused insect extinction, so to replace them, a mad scientists have created cybernetic insects in an attempt to restore the ecological balance! During their development somebody made a mistake and all the insects have become maniac killers. The same scientists though have created a humungous killer fly, which can wipe out the deadly insects so long as it collects a few weapon power-ups and successfully negotiates a series of precariously placed platforms! Your main objective is to kill everything that moves and you have lots of weapons to collects to help you on your way. There are lots of bonuses to collect, such as extra time and shields too.
Controls are rather easy, but being a fly you must also master the technique of fighting upside down too! Oh yes the controls being reversed and certain platforms and this is quite unique for a shoot em up!
Venus the Flytrap is a pretty slick piece of code, and it looks particularly impressive even by today's standards! It's fun, its fast and seriously is addictive although its difficulty.

The Atari ST version features colorful graphics, having impressive background coloring and nicely designed sprites. The colors being used here obviously are more than the default 16 (the Amiga version uses more than 64 colors) and count up to 40 which is rather impressive here! The animation is pretty smooth that makes the game playable enough as you have to jump and shoot at the same time mostly against the evil little creatures. The animation of the fly is simply amazing! Note that the Atari ST and Amiga version were written from scratch, due to their difference in hardware and especially due to the lack of hardware scrolling on the ST, and thus both versions did not share the same code! As far as the sound, the ST version uses a memorable intro tune (of course inferior in quality to the excellent Amiga music score), and several in game SFX but no music.
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
  • Venus The Flytrap
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Comparable platforms

59 colors
Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS

40 colors
Atari ST
Hardware information

Atari ST

Atari STCPU: Motorola 68000 16/32bit at 8mhz. 16 bit data bus/32 bit internal/24-bit address bus.
MEMORY: RAM 512KB (1MB for the 1040ST models) / ROM 192KB
GRAPHICS: Digital-to-Analog Converter of 3-bits, eight levels per RGB channel, featuring a 9-bit RGB palette (512 colors), 320x200 (16 color), 640x200 (4 color), 640x400 (monochrome). With special programming techniques could display 512 colors on screen in static images.
SOUND: Yamaha YM2149F PSG "Programmable Sound Generator" chip provided 3-voice sound synthesis, plus 1-voice white noise mono PSG. It also has two MIDI ports, and support mixed YM2149 sfx and MIDI music in gaming (there are several games supported this).
The Atari ST (default) color palette
9-bit RGB 512-color palette
(16 on-screen and up to 512 in static image)
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