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Best on 8bit micro!
International Karate + - Commodore64
Xyphoes Fantasy - AmstradCPC
Arkanoid II - AmstradCPC
Pang - AmstradCPCPlus
Wrath of the Demon - Commodore64
Night Hunter - AmstradCPC
Barbarian - AmstradCPC
Prince of Persia - SamCoupe
Lemmings - SamCoupe
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Turrican II - Amiga
Shadow of the Beast - Amiga
Jim Power - Amiga
Turrican 2 - AtariST
Project X - Amiga
Super Frog - Amiga
Flashback - Amiga
Wrath Of The Demon - Amiga
Dark Seed - Amiga
Stardust - AtariSTE
Stardust - Amiga
Flashback - Archimedes
Warlocks - Archimedes
Cannon Fodder - Amiga
Turrican II - PC
Universe - Amiga
Tyrian - PC
Super Stardust - AmigaAGA
Pac-Mania - X68000
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Best on 16bit consoles!
Jim Power - snes
Donkey Kong Country - snes
Aladdin - snes
Comix Zone - Megadrive
Alien Soldier - Megadrive
Blazing Lazers - pcengine
Raiden - pcengine
Super Star Soldier - pcengine
Best on 32bit consoles!
Best on 128bit consoles!
God Of War - PS2
Gran Turismo 4 - PS2
Halo Combat Evolved - xbox
SoulCalibur - Dreamcast
Under Defeat - Dreamcast
Soul Calibur 2 - GameCube
Best on handhelds!
Metroid Fusion - GBA
Raiden - Lynx
Jungle Book, The - GameGear
Robocod - GameGear
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Ninja Five-0

Ninja Five-0
GenreAction Platform
Developer / PublisherHudson Soft / Konami
Media1 x cartridge_small
Reviewed byndial
Ninja Five-0 is a great side scrolling action platform (also known as 'Ninja Cop' on PAL regions) developed in 2003 for the Nintendo GBA.
A ninja cop named Joe Osugi battles a group of evil ninja masters and all terrorist cells under their commands. The time has come to put your skills to the test when an evil terrorist group gets a hold of an ancient evil power known as the Mad Masks. These artifacts, always guarded by ninja clans for countless centuries, hold great magic, granting whoever wears them unimaginable power. It's Joe's job to rescue innocent people taken hostage by this group and defeat the multiple leaders who are using the Mad Masks for their own wicked advantage. The game features ninja swords, unlimited shurikens, ninjutsu magic and a kaginawa grappling hook system to perform acrobatic moves (it's probably the most important item in your inventory) in the style of Bionic Commando.

The game features plenty of thumping beats! The game's sound is excellent with great music and a few impressive sound effects like screams, explosions and more). The graphics look good, with small sprites but of flawless animation (with lots of frames) and very nicely drawn backgrounds but it does not tax the GBA's hardware. Ninja Five-0 is a standard side scrolling action platform game with no actual special effects to wow jaded gamers.
  • Ninja Five-0
  • Ninja Five-0
  • Ninja Five-0
  • Ninja Five-0
  • Ninja Five-0
  • Ninja Five-0
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Hardware information

GameBoy Advance

GameBoy AdvanceCPU: ARM7TDMI at 16.78MHz , Z80 co-processor at 4-8MHz for Gameboy emulation
GRAPHICS: Custom 2D GPU, 15-bit RGB palette at 240x160 pixels max resolution
SOUND: Dual 8-bit DAC for stereo sound, supports multiple wave samples processed/mixed in software by the CPU
The GameBoy Advance (default) color palette
15bit RGB 32,768-color palette (512 to 32,768 on-screen colors in "character" or bitmap mode)
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