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Shadow of the Beast - Commodore64
International Karate + - Commodore64
Xyphoes Fantasy - AmstradCPC
Arkanoid II - AmstradCPC
Pang - AmstradCPCPlus
Wrath of the Demon - Commodore64
Night Hunter - AmstradCPC
Barbarian - AmstradCPC
Prince of Persia - SamCoupe
Lemmings - SamCoupe
Draconus - AtariXE
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Shadow of the Beast - Amiga
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Flashback - Amiga
Toyota Celica GT Rally - Amiga
Toyota Celica GT Rally - AtariST
Wrath Of The Demon - Amiga
Dark Seed - Amiga
Stardust - AtariSTE
Stardust - Amiga
Banshee - AmigaAGA
Flashback - Archimedes
Star Fighter 3000 - Archimedes
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Cannon Fodder - Amiga
Another World - Appleiigs
Turrican II - PC
Universe - Amiga
Hurrican - PC
Tyrian - PC
Super Stardust - AmigaAGA
Dark Seed - PC
Pac-Mania - X68000
Best on 8bit consoles!
Pang - GX4000
Best on 16bit consoles!
Jim Power - snes
Donkey Kong Country - snes
Aladdin - snes
Comix Zone - Megadrive
Alien Soldier - Megadrive
Blazing Lazers - pcengine
Raiden - pcengine
Super Star Soldier - pcengine
Best on 32bit consoles!
Best on 128bit consoles!
God Of War - PS2
Gran Turismo 4 - PS2
Halo Combat Evolved - xbox
SoulCalibur - Dreamcast
Under Defeat - Dreamcast
Soul Calibur 2 - GameCube
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James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing

James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
GenreAction Adventure
Developer / PublisherGriptonite Games / Electronic Arts
Media1 x cartridge_small
Reviewed byndial
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing is a brief yet satisfying action game that faithfully captures the look and feel of the James Bond movie. The game was released for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The GBA version runs in an isometric environment, rather than an FPS as in the other three (bigger) gaming boys.
James Bond 007 - Everything or NothingThe XBOX and PlayStation version is a classic first-person shooter whilst the Gameboy Advance is a more traditional isometric guns-and-fists setup that's better suited to the GBA's graphical capabilities and button layout. A man named Dr. Diavolo is behind a series of nanotechnology thefts that have occurred in recent months. Bond must stop him and retrieve all stolen nanotechnology. Bond earns rewards for completing objectives by employing espionage, tactical skills, and Q-Lab gadgets to analyze every situation, masters an over-the-top hand-to-hand fighting system, and dispatch his enemies with a variety of useful objects. Goals usually involve collecting items, such as data discs and nanotech pieces, or killing a set number of enemies. Stealth plays a big role in the game, and James can sneak behind enemies and take them out with a choke hold rather than alert others in the area by firing a gun. Of course Bond can go into Q's lab and can purchase any of a dozen upgrades that can improve his armor, speed, and aiming characteristics. The GBA Bond also features arena-style combat with up to four players by using the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable to hook up. Multiple game modes and new maps featuring both co-operative and competitive play add a new dimension to link play.
Each of the game's 12 missions does a nice job of portraying Bond's jet-setting lifestyle, as you'll travel between various cities in Russia, Africa, and South America in your search for clues while attempting to sabotage Diavolo' operations!

As said, the GBA version runs in isometric (pseudo-3D) environments rather than as a classic 3D FPS game. The environments have a great deal of depth to them, even though the graphics aren't really 3D, and the characters display a wide range of movement. There are several nicely done effects such as explosions too.
Sound is also good, offering the original James Bond soundtrack as well as sampled phrases that M and Q speak during the cutaways. Also most enemies have a variety of phrases to say depending on what you're doing at the time.
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
  • James Bond 007 - Everything or Nothing
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Hardware information

GameBoy Advance

GameBoy AdvanceCPU: ARM7TDMI at 16.78MHz , Z80 co-processor at 4-8MHz for Gameboy emulation
GRAPHICS: Custom 2D GPU, 15-bit RGB palette at 240x160 pixels max resolution
SOUND: Dual 8-bit DAC for stereo sound, supports multiple wave samples processed/mixed in software by the CPU
The GameBoy Advance (default) color palette
15bit RGB 32,768-color palette (512 to 32,768 on-screen colors in "character" or bitmap mode)
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