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God Of War - PS2
Gran Turismo 4 - PS2
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Halo Combat Evolved - xbox
Star Fox Adventures - GameCube
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Under Defeat - Dreamcast
Soul Calibur 2 - GameCube
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Metroid Fusion - GBA
Raiden - Lynx
Robocod - GameGear
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L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess

L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
GenreAction Adventure
Developer / PublisherNintendo
Media1 x cd
Reviewed byndial
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, is the 13th installment in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series. The game was released on Gamecube and Wii consoles. It was the final first-party game released for the Gamecube console though. As of September 2015, 8.85 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide!
L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess When evil darkness enshrouds the land of Hyrule, a young farm boy named Link must awake the hero - and the animal - within. Of course at the beginning of the game, you can change the name (and put yours). When Link travels to the Twilight Realm, he transforms into a wolf and must scour the land with the help of a mysterious girl named Midna. He must explore the vast land of Hyrule in order to find out the mystery behind its plunge into darkness. Along your journey you have to enlist the aid of friendly folk, solve puzzles and battle your way through deadly dungeons! Link besides his trusty sword and shield, will use his bow and arrows, fight while on horseback and use a wealth of other items, both new and old.
The combat controls are more conventional on the GameCube version, since you won't be shaking the controller around to attack (when using a Wii Nunchuck controller). But to be honest, the Wii controls actually end up feeling more precise in a direct comparison. It's easier and faster to aim your arrows, boomerang, or other targeted items using the Wii Remote. There is a lot to say about this game as far as its story, characters and gameplay, but I prefer rather not, as it will take plenty of pages to describe, whist there are a lot of info in Internet for this gem by Nintendo.
Twilight Princess is a great game that stays extremely true to the Zelda franchise's past offering a gameplay system bosses that must be seen to be believed.

Gamecube offers great graphics here with colorful backgrounds and smooth cartoonish style character animated reactions. Even though Twilight Princess was released first on Nintendo's Wii, it was originally designed for the older GameCube system, but both versions are quite similar though in terms of graphics quality. The only noticeable difference between the two comes from a lack of 16:9 widescreen support for the Gamecube, resulting in many of the story sequences being letterboxed when viewed in 4:3. However, the game does have 480p support.
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
  • L.O.Z.: Twilight Princess
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Hardware information


GamecubeCPU: IBM "Gekko" PowerPC CPU at 486MHz
MEMORY: 43MB RAM total (of which 16MB DRAM used as buffer for DVD drive and audio)
GRAPHICS: ATI Technologies GPU 162MHz max 640x576 progressive scan, supporting multi-texturing, bump mapping, reflection mapping, 24-bit z-buffer, Bilinear, trilinear, and anisotropic texture filtering etc
SOUND: Custom chip running at 81MHz Macronix DSP, 64 channels of 16bit 48kHz, supporting Dolby Prologic II
The Gamecube (default) color palette
24bit RGB 16,7 million-color palette (16,7M on screen)
comment on 2010-03-25 00:27:45
digger77Join Date: 2009-10-17
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