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Game info

Jungle Book, The

Jungle Book, The
GenreAction Platform
DeveloperDisney Software
PublisherVirgin Games
Reviewed by
Get down to the bare necessities of life and escort Mowgli, a boy raised by a pack of wolves, through the jungle to the safety of the human village. Fight the boggle-eyed snake, Kaa and defeat Shere Khan the hungry tiger in this exciting adventure based on Disney’s classic. The game was initially released for the Sega Master System in 1993 and later ported to various platforms such as Game Boy, NES, Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Sega Game Gear, Super NES, and PC in 1994. There was also a remake for the Game Boy Advanced in 2003.
Jungle Book, TheMowgli has to sneak, swing and snoop his way through the jungle. To do this he has to get the hang of incredibly tricky vines, neutralize venom balls, dodge coconut-throwing monkeys and fire off bananas (!) at any scorpion, vampire bat, or crazy ape that gets in his way. There also plenty of deadly pits to encounter too.
During the journey Mowgli meets Bagheera, Baloo, King Louie, the hypnotist snake Kaa, as well as the evil Shere Khan. The game offers 10 levels to play and 2 bonus rounds. Each level can be completed by collecting a sufficient number of gems found during his adventure. There are several other staff to collect, including fruits (for scoring) and other for restoring his health. It’s a real jungle out there!
The game is a real joy to play, and is one of the best action platforms released for most of the video-game consoles, even for the portable ones (Game Gear, Gameboy)!

The graphics offer some nice colorful jungle details and sprites move very smooth and fast. Scrolling is smooth too. All sprites are nicely animated (especially when jumping between platforms (trees etc).
The sound offers plenty of SFX along with some cute tunes including the Academy-Award nominated -The Bare Necessities- during gameplay.
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
  • Jungle Book, The
Hardware information

Game Gear

Game GearCPU: 8bit Zilog Z80 at 3.58 MHz
GRAPHICS: A standard of 3,2" with 160x144 pixel resolution, 32 on-screen colours out of a palette of 4096. It support 64 hardware sprites (8x8 or 8x16 pixels). Video memory is 16 KB wide.
SOUND: 3 square wave generators, 1 noise generator, the system has a mono speaker (or stereo via headphone output)
The Game Gear (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colours palette (32 on screen)
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