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Burning Rangers

Burning Rangers
GenreAction Adventure/Shooter
Developer / PublisherSonic Team / SEGA
Media1 x cd
Reviewed byndial
Firefighting in a futuristic society somewhere in the galaxy is nothing really common. Burning Rangers is a 3D arcade-style platform shooter in a sci-fi setting somewhere in the near future, were mankind's biggest threat (Fire) is now a real mess up and it is the Burning Rangers' job to rescue people trapped in these disasters. The game was developed by the famous Sonic Team (the creators of Sonic The Hedgehog) only for the Saturn system, and managed to gain several positive feedback back then.
Burning RangersThe primary goal in each level is to rescue as many civilians in a futuristic society and extinguish fires along the way, and each level has an end-level boss too. The game puts an emphasis on speed by punishing you if go too slow and rewarding you with bonus points at the end depending on how quickly the level is completed. If you take too long, the area becomes more and more dangerous and the surrounding area will be engulfed in flames and explosions for a few seconds. Each level consists of a series of multi-storey rooms and corridors, divided by interlocking lifts and doors.
In order to power your shield and rescue survivors, the ranger must collect crystals scattered throughout the level or extinguish fires. Just like in Sonic the Hedgehog games, getting touched will cause you to drop all of the crystals you had collected and you must gather them quickly before they disappear. There are various other hazards during your quests. There can be explosions near you or walls collapsing. Fortunately, before an explosion, there will be an audio cue such as a high pitched whistle to alert you of an incoming danger but this is not always helpful.
Each ranger can hold up to two projectiles: a quick Pulse that can extinguish small flames and turns them into crystals and a Laser Blast (triggered by holding the shoot button) which can take out bigger flames and take down enemies and bosses, but won't generate any crystals.
Controls are sometimes frustrating, especially when trying to jump (or fly) to higher ground. But rather than that, I definitely found the game really enjoyable!

The game is a real show off some of the capabilities of the console in terms of graphics and sound, with great lighting and audio effects. Everything run smooth in a full 3D environment, whilst textures are fine along with some pretty cool lighting effects.
An important aspect here is the game's audio. Although there is no music for the most part, the audio is very well done. There are several SFX which have a nice futuristic ring to them. Not to mention the CD-quality speech during gameplay, with which you get help from the control center such as, the route need to be followed to complete your tasks.
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
  • Burning Rangers
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Hardware information

Sega Saturn

Sega SaturnCPU: 2 x Hitachi SH-2 32-bit RISC (28.6 MHz) each has 4 kB on-chip cache
MEMORY: 1 MB SDRAM fast RAM for both SH-2 CPUs (faster), 1 MB DRAM slow RAM for both SH-2 CPUs (slower), 512Kb internal ROM
GRAPHICS: dual custom VDP chips for graphics processing:
Custom VDP 1 32-bit video display processor (running at 28.63 MHz) for sprites/polygons, 512Kb SDRAM, supports texture mapping and Gouraud shading, Custom VDP 2 32-bit video display processor (running at 28.63 MHz) for backgrounds/video out, 512Kb SDRAM.
VGA: 320x480 or 640x480, non-interlaced (progressive scan), Hi-Vision: 352x480 or 704x480 (480i), non-interlaced (progressive scan)
SOUND: Motorola 68EC000 sound controller (running at 11.3 MHz / 1.5 MIPS), Yamaha FH1 DSP sound processor, "Saturn Custom Sound Processor" (SCSP), running at 22.6 MHz, 44.1 kHz sampling rate
The Sega Saturn (default) color palette
24bit RGB 16,7 million-color palette (all on screen)
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