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Action Force II

Action Force II
GenrePlatform Shooter
DeveloperVirgin Games
PublisherVirgin Games
Reviewed byndial
Action Force II is a great platform shooter, sequel to the Action Force title inspired from a range of comic book characters. This game is available only for the ZX Spectrum!
COBRA has taken hostages a number of innocent citizens and it's up to Action Force to rescue them. They are held in separate groups inside various urban buildings. Each block must be scaled by commandos while Airtight covers them from the air. You actually control the cross-hair of Airtight's weapon and must shoot enemies that appear before they injure the commandos as they ascend the side of the building. When the team reaches the roof, the hostages are released and make their way to the rescue helicopter. You may choose a variety of weapons to protect the rescue team like machine gun, bazooka or a bio-gun(!) But beware as in every two levels the player must defeat a tank by hitting it a certain number of times within a time limit.

The graphics on the ZX version are quite good, with several details and bright colors. The game features wonderful little touches, like bullet holes appearing at the brickwork, torches on the walls burning and your gun sight judders as you hold down the trigger! The sprites' animation is smooth and the action is crazy! OK, ZX’s color-clash problems might be a bit disappointing at times, as it’s quite difficult to see the enemy fire from the backdrops.

I would expect more, as the game's sound features a few typical sound effects whilst there is no music during gameplay.
  • Action Force II
  • Action Force II
  • Action Force II
  • Action Force II
  • Action Force II
  • Action Force II
Hardware information

ZX Spectrum

ZX SpectrumCPU: Z80 @ 3.5 MHz
MEMORY: 16 KB / 48 KB / 128 KB
GRAPHICS: Video output is through an RF modulator and was designed for use with contemporary portable television sets, for a simple colour graphic display. Features a palette of 15 shades: seven colours at two levels of brightness each, plus black. The image resolution is 256x192 with the same colour limitations.
SOUND: Early models (48k) had sound output through a beeper on the machine itself. This is capable of producing one channel with 10 octaves. Late models (128k) fetured a three-channel audio via the AY-3-8912 chip, MIDI compatibility
The ZX Spectrum (default) color palette
3bit RGBi 15-colors palette (15 on screen)
comment on 2015-01-16 16:25:00
rogerjowettJoin Date: 2014-08-22 we can now run zx spectrum software at the full 6MHz checkout the snaper disks on teh velesoft site
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