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Beach Volley

Beach Volley
PublisherProbe Software
Reviewed byndial
Beach Volley is a beach volley game with cool visuals and sound but fails to catch much of interest due to its extreme difficulty. The game was initially released for the Amiga computers and later ported to the Atari ST and the 8bit Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.
This is a 2 Vs 2 volleyball game so, as in any sports game, the main purpose is to win every match. You and your teammate travel around some of the greatest cities of the world in an exciting volleyball elimination contest, where only one team can be the winner. The game's first match takes place in London. All basic movements are included and the main rules are easy: one of the teams has to score seven points and win. Each team is allowed three touches of the ball before it's smacked over the net (the basic rule for a volleyball game). The ball is passed around the court until someone attempts a slam shot, where the players wait by the net for a pass and leap up into the opponent's half. When jumping for a slam, the jump must be perfectly timed otherwise your player will swing to shoot, miss and fall down to the sand. You must win as many games as you can in order to visit more beautiful places like Africa, Sydney, Miami, etc. The game itself is so hard that, after a while, it almost seems pointless to play it. The AI of your opponents is set to high standards and that's why an opponent waits for the ball in the right spot at the right time, most of the time! When slamming the ball hard, the opponent is almost always there to block it. Beach Volley is a great game for its time though due to its nice graphics and sound presentation.

Beach Volley has nice visuals on the ZX Spectrum version, although all screens are in yellow and black. All locations are nicely made and include the same background details as in all other 8bit versions. But the screen scrolling and sprite animations are quite poor, making gameplay rather frustrating. Comparably, the Commodore 64 runs smoother than the CPC and ZX. The sound has a few simplistic sounds of the ball hitting, as well as some short tunes during level loading.

On our video below you may watch the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC,, Commodore 64, Atari ST and Amiga OCS versions of the game.
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Volley
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Comparable platforms
Amstrad CPC
Commodore C64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Hardware information

ZX Spectrum

ZX SpectrumCPU: Z80 @ 3.5 MHz
MEMORY: 16 KB / 48 KB / 128 KB
GRAPHICS: Video output is through an RF modulator and was designed for use with contemporary portable television sets, for a simple colour graphic display. Features a palette of 15 shades: seven colours at two levels of brightness each, plus black. The image resolution is 256x192 with the same colour limitations.
SOUND: Early models (48k) had sound output through a beeper on the machine itself. This is capable of producing one channel with 10 octaves. Late models (128k) fetured a three-channel audio via the AY-3-8912 chip, MIDI compatibility
The ZX Spectrum (default) color palette
3bit RGBi 15-colors palette (15 on screen)
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