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Pang - GX4000
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Aladdin - snes
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Blazing Lazers - pcengine
Raiden - pcengine
Super Star Soldier - pcengine
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Best on 128bit consoles!
God Of War - PS2
Gran Turismo 4 - PS2
Halo Combat Evolved - xbox
SoulCalibur - Dreamcast
Under Defeat - Dreamcast
Soul Calibur 2 - GameCube
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GenreArcade Platform
Developer / PublisherCrystal Dynamics
Media1 x cd
Reviewed byP.Dial
Gex is a 2D platform game developed by Crystal Dynamics in 1994. The game was released for the 3DO, the Sega Saturn, the Playstation and the PC DOS platforms.
On this cool platform game, the hero is Gex, a TV-addict gecko that walks like a human and has special abilities in climbing walls and jumping above gaps. One day, while Gex was watching TV and eating snacks, he accidentally swallowed a house fly. This house fly happened to be a type of camera used by an alien-like figure called Rez, the ruler of the Media Dimension. Suddenly, Rez grabs Gex and immerses him inside the Media Dimension's living nightmare! Gex is actually transferred inside his favorite TV set and finds a hostile, alternative world! He now must find a way to escape. And this can be done if he manages to fix all malfunctioning TV sets that block his exits. He must collect remote controls (!) to "unlock" those defective TV sets and finally defeat the evil Rez. Each TV world is swarmed by creatures of the night like mummies, chainsaw killers, flying TV sets and many traps found around like spikes or even quicksand. On the way, our funny gecko can also collect a variety of bonuses (like extra gold in the form of golden insects, energy boosts and more). His only weapon is his lizard skills, his powerful tail (with which he can hit and kill the enemies) and his tongue(!) The gameplay is fun and the difficulty level is -thankfully- gradual (like in most platform games). All the above features are packed with a presentation that's among the best of its era (one of the best mid 90s platform games)!

After a cool, full motion video, intro sequence, Gex is dragged into a nightmarish world (like The Cemetery) that sports great visuals, cartoon-style sprites, dark shades of colors, fast action and smooth animation. The game's sound is equally impressive (as expected due to its CD quality) with multiple stereo channels creating a variety of awesome sound effects, speech and a music score that is -in one word- fantastic! Overall, Gex is a stunning, fun and smart video game that every PS1, 3DO, Saturn or MS-DOS owner should play!
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Hardware information


3DOCPU: 32-bit 12.5 MHz RISC CPU ARM60
MEMORY: 2 MB of main RAM
GRAPHICS: 1MB VRAM, Resolution 640x480, 320x240 60 Hz for NTSC version, and 768x576, 384x288 50 Hz for PAL version with either 16 bit color (from 24 bits) or 24 bit, Two accelerated video co-processors capable of producing 9-16 million pixels per second (36-64 megapix/s interpolated), distorted, scaled, rotated and texture mapped.
SOUND: 16-bit stereo, 44.1 kHz sound sampling rate, Custom 20-bit Digital signal processor (DSP)
The 3DO (default) color palette
24bit RGB 16,7 million-color palette (16,7M on screen)
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