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Game info

Traps n Treasures

Traps n Treasures
GenreArcade Platform
PublisherKrisalis Software
Reviewed byndial
Traps n Treasures is an exclusive game for the Commodore Amiga! and one of the hardest platform games ever made during the 90s!
Traps n TreasuresSTORY / GAMEPLAY
The year is... 1671! You are a pirate named Flynn and the evil Red-Beard captured your entire crew as prisoners and stole your entire loot! It is now up to you, to rescue your friends and take back your treasures. Flynn sets off to get even with the evil pirate, by leaping across all four levels of the Devil's Island, collecting treasures and power ups on the way. The story-line is pretty basic since there must be about some hundreds of similar platform games out there, but the emphasis of the game here is given on the puzzles rather than thundering through the levels in as little time as possible. It involves plenty of switching levers and shunting blocks to progress. The game consists of four massive levels: the Threadneedle Lagoon, the Skull Grotto, The Temple and the Fortress, each swarmed by enemies and including puzzles, traps and ...secret rooms! You may even get involved into a spot of gambling with shopkeepers if you fancy your chances as a dice "master" in order to earn more money and buy better weapon upgrades!

Although the graphics look a bit "old" even for a mid 90s game, there are plenty of colors and details splashed about without inducing any eye strain...! The tiny sprites look great and do not visually mess up with the backgrounds, so the chances of sudden death from hidden "baddies" are almost zero. Although there are no fancy parallax scrolling techniques here, the game looks cool with nice (and funny sometimes) level details (underwater scenes, castles etc) along with smooth sprite animations. The game offers no less than 64 color on screen! Of note is the presence of some nice, sampled ambient sound effects and some pretty good in-game short tunes. What is really impressive here is the way the sound is enabled based on what you do during the game. I mean, when you run and jump on the platforms, only ambient sounds (such as wind, sea-waves etc) are playing but when you jump into the sea and start diving, the ambient sounds are disabled and a mellow underwater tune starts to play!
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
  • Traps n Treasures
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Amiga 500/500+

Amiga 500/500+CPU: Motorola MC68000 7.16 MHz
MEMORY: 512KB of Chip RAM (OCS chipset - A500), 512 KB of Slow RAM or Trapdoor RAM can be added via the trapdoor expansion, up to 8 MB of Fast RAM or a Hard drive can be added via the side expansion slot. The ECS chipset (A500+) offered 1MB on board to 2MB (extended) of Chip RAM.
GRAPHICS: The OCS chipset (Amiga 500) features planar graphics (codename Denise custom chip), with up to 5 bit-planes (4 in hires), allowing 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 color screens, from a 12bit RGB palette of 4096 colors. Resolutions varied from 320x256 (PAL, non-interlaced, up to 4096 colors) to 640x512 (interlace, up to 4 colors). Two special graphics modes where also included: Extra Half Bright with 64 colors and HAM with all 4096 colors on-screen. The ECS chipset models (Amiga 500+) offered same features but also extra high resolution screens up to 1280x512 pixels (4 colors at once).
SOUND: (Paula) 4 hardware-mixed channels of 8-bit sound at up to 28 kHz. The hardware channels had independent volumes (65 levels) and sampling rates, and mixed down to two fully left and fully right stereo outputs
The Amiga 500/500+ (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colors palette
(32 to 4096 colors on screen)
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