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Game info

Oath, The

Oath, The
GenreAction Shooter
DeveloperAttic Entertainment Software
PublisherAttic Entertainment Software
Reviewed byndial
The Oath is a classic horizontal scrolling 2D shoot 'em up with really impressive visuals and sound but its progressive difficulty especially due to the extremely confusing parallax backdrops and its slow speed of your ship, make this game rather frustrating to play. The Oath has been released only for the Commodore Amiga and Commodore 64 computers.
I will not go through its storyline as the plot is quite confusing and has a lot of things to describe (via the manual). This game is a classic Sci-Fi shoot 'em up in which you scroll through several landscapes and shoot everything that moves until you reach the end.There's the usual plethora of power ups and the enemies vary a lot, based on the stage's scenario. Losing a life, all your extra weapons will be taken way, leaving you with the default laser cannon that's quite weak to help you progress. You must beware not to collide with the landscapes otherwise this will cause immediate destruction of your ship. When flying through the parallax backdrops and especially when the ship is heavily armed (something that expands your ship's size) you may easily lose lives as a result of confusing the first lethal level of parallax, with the second harmless level(!!) Well, that is surely too frustrating! On the other hand, at the end of each stage there is an end level guardian and although their usually big sizes and loaded firepower, they are a bit tame compared to the rest of the level! So, with a powerful weapon mounted on your ship they're easy to destroy! Apart from weaponry, there are other power ups around that will increase your energy level and make you more tolerant against the enemy fire.

The game looks and sounds quite good and it's quite addictive to a point, but the action is rather slow and, most of the times, frustrating when trying to avoid enemy projectiles or foreground hazards. Your ship is flying from left to right and there some pretty good (but also deadly most of the times) parallax backdrops. The graphics are as good as they need to be, with nice colors (around 100 on each screen!), wonderful at times details and really nicely designed and animated sprites. The action is rather slow paced, almost like Psygnosis' Blood Money! Much like its visuals, the sound is great, with a variety of nicely composed tunes and many sampled sound effects that add a lot to the overall presentation of this shooter!

On our shoot 'em up compilation video below you may watch The Oath at 04:02.
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
  • Oath, The
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Amiga 500/500+

Amiga 500/500+CPU: Motorola MC68000 7.16 MHz
MEMORY: 512KB of Chip RAM (OCS chipset - A500), 512 KB of Slow RAM or Trapdoor RAM can be added via the trapdoor expansion, up to 8 MB of Fast RAM or a Hard drive can be added via the side expansion slot. The ECS chipset (A500+) offered 1MB on board to 2MB (extended) of Chip RAM.
GRAPHICS: The OCS chipset (Amiga 500) features planar graphics (codename Denise custom chip), with up to 5 bit-planes (4 in hires), allowing 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 color screens, from a 12bit RGB palette of 4096 colors. Resolutions varied from 320x256 (PAL, non-interlaced, up to 4096 colors) to 640x512 (interlace, up to 4 colors). Two special graphics modes where also included: Extra Half Bright with 64 colors and HAM with all 4096 colors on-screen. The ECS chipset models (Amiga 500+) offered same features but also extra high resolution screens up to 1280x512 pixels (4 colors at once).
SOUND: (Paula) 4 hardware-mixed channels of 8-bit sound at up to 28 kHz. The hardware channels had independent volumes (65 levels) and sampling rates, and mixed down to two fully left and fully right stereo outputs
The Amiga 500/500+ (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colors palette
(32 to 4096 colors on screen)
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