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Game info


DeveloperVirtual Design, Arrakis Software
PublisherBlack Legend
Reviewed byndial
Citadel is another Doom clone (like Gloom, Fears or Alien Breed 3D) released for the Amiga home computers, engaging you in a sci-fi first-person perspective world. No matter the Amiga model you own, Citadel will run smooth as it utilizes and exploits the available hardware, giving you the option to customize the screen sizes and details at the main menu to obtain an acceptable running speed.
Inmates in a death-row from other space colonies were transferred to a base called Citadel and were used as subjects in a new kind of bio-research involving many dangerous experiments. But as communications with the Earth ceased, it is decided that you should set off to find out what happened. Inside Citadel things look pretty horrible already, with dismembered bodies hanging from the rafters and nasty sharp-toothed baddies thirsty for your blood! Your mission is to destroy the Citadel and its alien monsters and make your exit to freedom. Citadel can only be destroyed by detonating a huge bomb split into six different pieces that you'll need to find. The mission is not easy. As usual, apart from dealing with enemies, you will also have to solve puzzles that include finding the right magnetic cards to open doors, move walls, blockades and various teleports. The enemies are of different intelligence, so creating fighting tactics is also possible. Although the game starts weaponless, you will find a good selection of weapons to collect, ranging from a standard gun to a flame-thrower, rocket launcher and a machine gun. Fortunately, first-aid kits are also available and can be found in rooms and corridors. There is also a detail that needs some attention: Every time you touch a wall, bang onto a corpse or other obstacle, you'll lose some of your life energy!
Citadel is a good game on its own right, so there's no need to compare it to any Doom-clone game for the Amiga released before it (Gloom, Fears or Alien Breed 3). Continual disk-swapping is also another issue, but it's a common Amiga "habit" back in the days. Citadel does nothing to enhance the gameplay compared to the other Amiga FPS titles, but it surely is a good effort and deserves a try, especially if you own a fast 68K processor Amiga (A1200, A4000 or an accelerated A500/600/3000 etc). The fun in those games lies in the use of the FP perspective, the pace of the gameplay, the credibility of the plot and the execution of the control system mechanics. Citadel offers all the aforementioned with success though it has its own glitches.

The game's graphics are good, based on a real-time rendered 3D environment and it is obvious that a great deal of care and attention has been taken over them. The game runs pretty well, even on the standard Amiga but only if you reduce the screen size (you have 5 options to it) and set the visual details to the minimum (there is: max, medium, low). Screen size 5 is the largest possible but the frame rate drops significantly (if max details are selected). Each environment looks great, with a decent amount of details and up to 32 simultaneous colors. Note that the title screen is in HAM mode and performs an image of more than 1000 colors at once! In general, the game is not so smooth set with max details and screen size on the classic A500. A more advanced Amiga like the A1200 will run this in max details and size at around 30fps.
The game's sound effects and music are similarly good and effective. There is a nicely composed and creepy introductory tune plus several sampled sounds that match perfectly to the game's atmosphere (like creepy screams coming out of nowhere, explosions, gunfire and more).
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
  • Citadel
Hardware information

Amiga 500/500+

Amiga 500/500+CPU: Motorola MC68000 7.16 MHz
MEMORY: 512KB of Chip RAM (OCS chipset - A500), 512 KB of Slow RAM or Trapdoor RAM can be added via the trapdoor expansion, up to 8 MB of Fast RAM or a Hard drive can be added via the side expansion slot. The ECS chipset (A500+) offered 1MB on board to 2MB (extended) of Chip RAM.
GRAPHICS: The OCS chipset (Amiga 500) features planar graphics (codename Denise custom chip), with up to 5 bit-planes (4 in hires), allowing 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 color screens, from a 12bit RGB palette of 4096 colors. Resolutions varied from 320x256 (PAL, non-interlaced, up to 4096 colors) to 640x512 (interlace, up to 4 colors). Two special graphics modes where also included: Extra Half Bright with 64 colors and HAM with all 4096 colors on-screen. The ECS chipset models (Amiga 500+) offered same features but also extra high resolution screens up to 1280x512 pixels (4 colors at once).
SOUND: (Paula) 4 hardware-mixed channels of 8-bit sound at up to 28 kHz. The hardware channels had independent volumes (65 levels) and sampling rates, and mixed down to two fully left and fully right stereo outputs
The Amiga 500/500+ (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colors palette
(32 to 4096 colors on screen)
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