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Alien Breed II

Alien Breed II
GenreAction Shooter
Reviewed byndial
AAlien Breed II: The Horror Continues, is the second in a series of science fiction games played in the form of a top-down shooter for one or two players and loosely based on the Alien films.
You are a special-ops soldier sent to a remote alien-infested colony, to destroy the alien inhabitants and their nests. The game is split into 14 different zones, each featuring different alien species. As you go through the game you collect credits that can be exchanged for weapons, ammunition and other helpful gadgets, with the use of multiple computer terminals. You must at all times keep an eye not only on your energy level but also to be conservative with your ammunition as it can easily deplete! On each floor, you will find keys that will help you pass through locked doors. These keys must be used with care or you may find yourself locked out of a room containing the remaining keys needed to complete the level. The truth is that the newly created sprites made the game less creepy than its predecessor. Additionally, this sequel is quite easier to beat and too short compared to the original, but it still offers a great Alien experience!

The AGA version has great visuals with nice colors and detailed environments inspired by the Aliens movie. In-game, it uses a few more colors than the OCS/ECS version, but both are almost identical with just some minor differences (i.e. the static screens between the levels, use 32 colors on the OCS/ECS and 256 on the AGA). The sound features excellent digitized sounds like gunfire, explosions, although an in game music score would be also appreciated. In addition, Alien Breed II features an excellent intro music theme!
  • Alien Breed II
  • Alien Breed II
  • Alien Breed II
  • Alien Breed II
  • Alien Breed II
  • Alien Breed II
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Comparable platforms
Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS
Commodore Amiga AGA
Hardware information

Amiga 1200

Amiga 1200CPU: Motorola 68EC020 14 MHz
MEMORY: 2 MB, expandable to 10 MB max (2 MB Chip RAM + 8 MB Fast Ram)
GRAPHICS: AGA chipset, supports 24-bit color palette (16.8 Million colors) and 256 to 262,144 on-screen colors in HAM-8 mode. Resolutions supported: 320x256 to 1280x512i (PAL) and 640x480 (VGA)
SOUND: 4 channel 8 bit PCM, stereo output
The Amiga 1200 (default) color palette
24-bit RGB 16.8 million-color palette
(256 on-screen and up to 262,144 in static image - HAM8)
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