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Game info

Sai Combat

Sai Combat
DeveloperGasoline Software
Reviewed byndial
Sai Combat is one of those very early 1-Vs-1 karate fighting games, featuring a Japanese style quarterstaff-style combat system. The difference from standard karate is the presence of a large stick for each player, which is used to inflict much of a damage. The game was originally released for the ZX Spectrum, and later ported to the Amstrad CPC computers.
The gameplay is the same as the Spectrum. Sai Combat is based on one of the Japanese martial arts, a quarterstaff-style combat system where you can hit your opponent with your fighting stick as well as punch and kick him in an attempt to realize your score. Defeating an opponent results a grade raise or change in belt color. Your energy is shown with a white dragon turning red when weakened (four successful strikes are enough to get your opponent on the ground). Gameplay offers up to 10 different movements, including front kicks, roundhouse kicks, low kicks and a variety of offensive and defensive techniques with the stick. The game also supports a two-players mode, in which you can fight with a friend for honor! Sai Combat is a really joy to play, although the action is somewhat slow (as with all mid 80s fighting computer games), and the simulated sport is relatively original.

Sai Combat is another Spectrum port, and like most of Amstrad's games back in the day, it's better than the original, at least in terms of graphics. The visuals are fine, nothing to complain about or to get overly excited about, for that matter. The backdrops are fine, although limited to just two sceneries, while the sprites are nicely animated resembling realistically the fighting moves. The overall action is a bit slow though. Compared to the original (Spectrum) version, the action here is slower, and the backgrounds are different. The sound is probably at the downside, featuring a few unrealistic sound effects when hitting your opponent, while there is a short tune playing at the end of each match.
  • Sai Combat
  • Sai Combat
  • Sai Combat
  • Sai Combat
  • Sai Combat
  • Sai Combat
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128

Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128CPU: ZiLOG Z80 4MHZ
MEMORY: 64 KB or 128 KB of RAM depending on the model (capable of being expanded to 512k using memory extension boards)
GRAPHICS: Motorola 6845 address generator, Mode 0: 160x200 / 16 colors, Mode 1: 320x200 / 4 colors, Mode 2: 640x200 / 2 colors, A colour palette of 27 colors was supported
SOUND: The CPC used the General Instrument AY-3-8912 sound chip, providing 3 channels Mono Sound (via internal speaker) but capable to offer Stereo Sound provided through a 3.5 mm headphones jack (with pretty impressive outcome!). Also, it is possible to play back digital sound samples at a resolution of approximately 5bit. This technique is very processor-intensive though.
The Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 (default) color palette
RGB 27-colors palette (16 on screen)
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