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Game info

Fire n Forget 2

Fire n Forget 2
GenreShoot em Up
DeveloperTitus Interactive
PublisherTitus Interactive
Reviewed byndial
Fire And Forget II is the sequel to the Fire And Forget title developed by the team that brought us Crazy Cars! Basically it's a sort of a Chase HQ style driving game in which you don't actually have that much control over your car, rather than shooting incoming cars found in your route. The game was released for the Amstrad CPC, Amstrad CPC+, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, PC (DOS), Amstrad GX4000 and Sega Master System.
Fire n Forget 2STORY / GAMEPLAY
An evil madman and his cronies are driving towards your city, ready to blow it up with a nuke. Your mission is to prevent them from doing so. You must drive through five different levels, chasing, shooting and killing enemies, until you reach the level's big boss and stop him for good. You can gain points for every robot and boss you arrest and the points can be tallied after you win or lose a level. The gameplay is somewhat difficult as you will probably die many times by running directly towards the suicide robots. Fire And Forget II is basically a sort of Chase HQ style driving game, in which you don't actually have full control over your car, rather than shooting all incoming baddies blocking your route. If you just leave the vehicle on its own, it will quite "happily" negotiate the bends and twists. There doesn't seem to be much skill in shooting the enemy crafts as they appear to rely more on luck than anything else and quite often you end up losing a life hit by a single bullet that comes out of nowhere! I think that this game could have some more gameplay variety but nevertheless it still remains an acceptable action game. CPC+ 111

The CPC+ graphics are colorful though I would expect more background details on the CPC+ more advanced hardware. Your vehicle, although small, is nicely drawn and well animated compared to the rest of the game's sprites that look blocky and badly done. Notice the nice blue color gradient in the sky. The sound is fair though, featuring a few SFX and a quite nice music score.
  • Fire n Forget 2
  • Fire n Forget 2
  • Fire n Forget 2
  • Fire n Forget 2
  • Fire n Forget 2
Sound samples
Intro music:  In-game sound:
Gameplay sample
Comparable platforms
Amstrad CPC Plus
Amstrad CPC
Commodore C64
Hardware information

Amstrad CPC+

Amstrad CPC+CPU: ZiLOG Z80 processor clocked at 4 MHz
MEMORY: 464 CPC+ 64Kb RAM, 6128 CPC+ 128Kb RAM, 32 kb ROM
GRAPHICS: 12bit RGB color palette (4096 colors) supporting 32 colors on screen (16 + 15 for sprites + 1 border). Up to 16 hardware sprites. Splitting the display into separate modes and pixel scrolling both became fully supported hardware features.
SOUND: AY-3-8912 chip, 3-channel stereo, DMA for high-quality samples (with minimal processor overhead).
The Amstrad CPC+ (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colors palette (32 on screen)
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