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Game info

Pro Tennis Tour

Pro Tennis Tour
DeveloperBlue Byte
PublisherUbi Soft
Reviewed byndial
Pro Tennis Tour is a tennis game, developed and published by Ubi Soft in 1990 for the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and the Amstrad CPC+ computers. It was also released for the Amstrad GX4000 console. The game focused more on smooth and rapid action and concise options rather than realistic or technical accuracy.
This is a tennis game, so no story here! Pro Tennis Tour offers only two modes of gameplay: a two-player exhibition and a single-player world tournament. Customization options are quite limited. Split-screen gameplay found on Tennis Cup 2 (by Loriciels) is unfortunately not supported in this game. Altering shot speeds and lengths depend on the location from where a shot is done and are calculated from the computer itself, so there's not much of gameplay here as each shot depends entirely on the position of the player on court. Although the game is enjoyable, the limited options and the inability to make your own manual shots are serious cons and negatively affect the whole experience.

The CPC+ offers really good graphics with detailed tennis courts and nice sprite animations although it's hard to control the player at times. The sprites are nicely drawn and move quite fast on screen. The main game screen is large and the camera angle is set high. The CPC+ (and GX4000) versions have more colors on-screen here compared to the Commodore. I really enjoyed the referees that turn their heads left and right depending on the ball's direction! The sound is OK, featuring a nice introductory tune and the usual tennis whacks and swings during gameplay but no crowd sounds at all.
  • Pro Tennis Tour
  • Pro Tennis Tour
  • Pro Tennis Tour
  • Pro Tennis Tour
  • Pro Tennis Tour
  • Pro Tennis Tour
Gameplay sample
Comparable platforms
Amstrad CPC Plus
Commodore C64
Hardware information

Amstrad CPC+

Amstrad CPC+CPU: ZiLOG Z80 processor clocked at 4 MHz
MEMORY: 464 CPC+ 64Kb RAM, 6128 CPC+ 128Kb RAM, 32 kb ROM
GRAPHICS: 12bit RGB color palette (4096 colors) supporting 32 colors on screen (16 + 15 for sprites + 1 border). Up to 16 hardware sprites. Splitting the display into separate modes and pixel scrolling both became fully supported hardware features.
SOUND: AY-3-8912 chip, 3-channel stereo, DMA for high-quality samples (with minimal processor overhead).
The Amstrad CPC+ (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colors palette (32 on screen)
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