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Game info

Another World

Another World
GenreAction Adventure
DeveloperDelphine Software
PublisherDelphine Software
Reviewed byndial
Another World (aka Out Of This World) is a cinematic action-adventure game designed by Eric Chahi for Delphine Software. Originally developed for the Amiga and Atari ST and later released for the Apple IIGS and DOS platforms, the game was widely ported to other contemporary systems such as Nintendo SNES, Atari Jaguar, Sega CD, Sega Mega Drive, and even 3DO etc.
The hero of Another World is a young professor named Lester. After an experiment went bad, Lester wakes up and finds himself captured on an alien-like 3D world inhabited by monsters and other alien and humanoid species. Lester must survive and, to do that, he must fight having as an only weapon his bare hands or a gun he finds on the way. During the game, a mysterious person offers some help and Lester must surely take it. In this game, each enemy uses his/her own strategy and needs specific movements to be confronted. In addition, there are several puzzles that need to be solved in order to go further with the story. The bad news is that once you die you must start the whole level from the beginning, a fact that's too frustrating I guess for the average player which means that an extremely short play length and the trial and error gameplay will not be tolerated by all. The game is linear, with some unfairly difficult jumps and shoot-outs. But other than its difficulty, Another World is a must seen, hands down!

Technically the Apple IIGS version is an exact copy of the 16bit Amiga and ST. Note that the SNES version was ported to Apple IIGS and this was apparently the only time that a SNES game was ported directly into a computer system despite sharing the same W65C816S processor! Also the Apple IIGS version can be installed on the hard disk and supports four different viewing modes (Full Screen, Matted, Letter-box and Television). The Full Screen mode is suitable for an accelerated GS model (say running at 12 MHz) while the Television-mode is for the 2.8 MHz original GS! The game starts with a very nice intro scene in 3D. Inside, the graphics are vector with pseudo-3D and a palette of colors based on blue. Note that there are several fully animated cut scenes when an objective is being completed. The characters' animation is very smooth and based on 3D vector graphics (an old common recipe of the early 80s with the release of Karateka, remember?). Also, the sound is good featuring sampled sound effects and catchy short music scores. As said, Amiga, ST and Apple IIGS versions are technically identical.
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
  • Another World
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Comparable platforms
Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS
Atari ST
Apple IIGS
Hardware information

Apple IIGS

Apple IIGSCPU: 16bit WDC 65C816 running at 2.8 MHz
MEMORY: 256 KB to 1MB RAM built-in, expandable to 8MB, 128 to 256 KB ROM built-in.
GRAPHICS: 12bit RGB palette (4096 colours) supporting 320x200 with 16, 256 colors, 640x200 with 2, 64 colors
SOUND: Ensoniq 5503 Digital Oscillator Chip, 8-bit audio resolution, 64 kB dedicated sound RAM, 32 separate channel (software paired them into 16 stereo voices)
The Apple IIGS (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colours palette (16 on screen and up to 256)
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