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Game info


GenreAction Platform
DeveloperSoftware 42
PublisherEclipse Software
Reviewed byndial
Cycloids is an action platform game developed by Software 42 and published in 1993 by Eclipse exclusively for the Acorn Archimedes home computers.
A clown riding his bicycle must go through several levels of platforms and enemies. He must collect objects, such as diamonds and fruits, found around in order to increase his score count until he finds the exit door and proceed to the next level. The enemies vary from flying elephants (!) and snails to toy trains and airplanes! Jumping on platforms is not so easy as the enemies will block your way and a single touch means instant death. The clown will lose a life countless times as he plunges into the depths of the abyss (thanks to the game's unresponsive and plain wacky controls). Fortunately there are checkpoints throughout the stages so you can start at a certain point instead of taking it all over from the beginning. The clown cannot use any weapon and he only must avoid the enemies by jumping over them. Apart from its choppy controls, Cycloids is a nice exclusive platform game for the Acorn Archimedes systems.

The graphics are acceptable although they have around 150 colors on-screen! The backgrounds do not have too many details but the scrolling is smooth and the sprites move fast. On the other hand, the game's sound is great, with a few really nice in-game tunes along with sampled sound effects.
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
  • Cycloids
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Hardware information

Archimedes A3000/4000/5000

Archimedes A3000/4000/5000CPU: CPU: 32-bit RISC architecture ARM2 8Mhz (A300 and A400 series, A3000) ; ARM3 25/33Mhz (A540/A5000/A4) ; ARM250 12 Mhz (A3010, A3020, A4000)
GRAPHICS: 12bit RGB palette (4096 colours) (12-bit) supporting 16 hardware palette registers. Resolutions from 160x256 to 640x512with with 4, 16 or 256 colours on screen. Also supported 1152x896 with 2 colours.
SOUND: 8 channels 8 bit logarithmic with 7 independent stereo positions
The Archimedes A3000/4000/5000 (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colors palette (256 on screen)
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