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Aazohm Krypht

Aazohm Krypht
Reviewed byndial
Aazohm Krypht is a fighting game from Atari based on the third Star Wars movie and features three action sequences inspired by the film.
Aazohm Krypht (hey who named it this way?) is a fighting game in the style of Mortal Kombat, with digitized actors, photographic backgrounds, lots of blood and a tournament-based approach. The game features 6 areas were each fight takes place: the antic TEMPLE recycled as a huge fountain, the POND, a peaceful and beautiful piece of water, a CAVE where some engagements can take place discreetly, a mysterious FOREST with some funeral graves, in the middle of a hot DESERT and, finally, an old train station ruined as a rotted ZONE. A two player mode is also included but the game is difficult to play and it sometimes gets frustrating as the opponents are way too hard to defeat.

The game utilizes the horse-power of the Atari Falcon, featuring true color digitized graphics with very smooth animation (50 frames per second) and hardware vertical / horizontal scrolling for more realism (thanks to the Motorola 60030 CPU). Unfortunately, all digitized backdrops are static, which is rather garish. As far as the sound, the game features a few nicely composed pieces of techno and chill-out music played directly from the DSP chip, plus some nice sampled sound effects during gameplay.
  • Aazohm Krypht
  • Aazohm Krypht
  • Aazohm Krypht
  • Aazohm Krypht
  • Aazohm Krypht
  • Aazohm Krypht
Hardware information

Atari Falcon 030

Atari Falcon 030CPU: Motorola MC68030 16MHz
MEMORY: 1, 4, or 14MB of RAM / 512KB ROM
GRAPHICS: "VIDEL" video CPU, with an 18bit RGB color palette of 262,144 possible colours,resolution of 640x480 / 256 colours and 640x400 / 65,536 colours, BLiTTER graphics co-processor
SOUND: Motorola 56000 DSP, 8 stereo (16 mono) 16 bit DMA channels at up to 50 kHz, SDMA sound/DMA Co-processor + YM2149
The Atari Falcon 030 (default) color palette
18bit RGB 262,144-colors palette (256 on screen and up to 262,114 in static image)
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