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Game info

Operation Skuum

Operation Skuum
GenreShooting Gallery
Reviewed byndial
Operation S.K.U.U.M. is a shooting gallery game developed exclusively for the 32bit Atari Falcon 030 home computer in 1996.
Operation SkuumSTORY / GAMEPLAY
You find yourself in a top secret operation called OPERATION S.K.U.U.M., aiming to prevent terrorists to initiate an atomic bomb attack and destroy the world. Operation S.K.U.M.M. is a military shooting-gallery videogame similar to the all popular Operation Wolf. Your mission is to dismantle an atomic bomb before terrorists trigger it, but you first need to aim, shoot and kill an army of terrorists using your available weapons (pistol and machine gun). You move a crosshair with the mouse and shoot the villains as they peek out from behind cover (i.e. windows, rocks, trees and ditches). Note that if it takes you too long to shoot an enemy, they will shoot first. You must always be careful of your energy bar and number of lives as they are limited so it's necessary to avoid enemy fire. The shooting takes place in a variety of landscapes such as harbors, mountains and more . Apart of the incoming terrorist forces, mounted machineguns on boats or mounted cannons on hills can also be a hell of a danger to you. Do not forget the enemy helicopters that will heavily shoot you on sight too.
To be honest, Operation S.K.U.M.M. is not a good game, as its speed is quite slow and its presentation does not leave much to get excited about. It is one of the very few titles exclusively released for the Atari Falcon 030 and that the reason we briefly review the game.

The game uses true color digitized backgrounds and characters. The character animations though are slow, with limited frame-rates while all backdrops are static. More on that, the digitized characters are badly cropped.
The game's sound is better than its graphics though, featuring a bunch of realistic sampled sound effects and a catchy introductory tune.
  • Operation Skuum
  • Operation Skuum
  • Operation Skuum
  • Operation Skuum
  • Operation Skuum
  • Operation Skuum
Hardware information

Atari Falcon 030

Atari Falcon 030CPU: Motorola MC68030 16MHz
MEMORY: 1, 4, or 14MB of RAM / 512KB ROM
GRAPHICS: "VIDEL" video CPU, with an 18bit RGB color palette of 262,144 possible colours,resolution of 640x480 / 256 colours and 640x400 / 65,536 colours, BLiTTER graphics co-processor
SOUND: Motorola 56000 DSP, 8 stereo (16 mono) 16 bit DMA channels at up to 50 kHz, SDMA sound/DMA Co-processor + YM2149
The Atari Falcon 030 (default) color palette
18bit RGB 262,144-colors palette (256 on screen and up to 262,114 in static image)
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