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The Addams Family

The Addams Family
GenreAction Adventure
DeveloperOcean Software
PublisherOcean Software
Reviewed byndial
Based on the famous 1991 comedy movie, this is a nice platform game based around the strangest family ever to be seen on the silver screen!
The Addams FamilyYou control the Gomez (Addam's family father) and your mission is to save the members of your family who have been kidnapped (I wonder for the… obscure person who did that…). They have been stowed away in various locations in the mansion and are protected by a boss of some sort. You have to venture through all the areas of the house though each area has been taken over by hoards of nasties that will stop at nothing to prevent you from achieving your goals! There many different areas for you to explore and in each area is also filled with secret bonuses and rooms for you to discover!
Gameplay is similar to the Super Mario games (and others), in which Gomez is unarmed but being able to dispatch enemies by simply jumping on their heads. You can walk and jump in all eight-directions on platforms in order to progress or even avoid enemy contacts. Gomez can also find objects to throw at them, such as golf balls etc. Your energy (depicted with two hearts) is limited to … two hits though, but you can easily find some by killing nasties. You may also find dollar signs which will give extra score points but also (and most important), if you collect 50 of those your energy will be replenished in full! It is a good platform game though, with fast action and nice graphics.

Graphics are humorous and a joy to watch on the screen. The Atari ST version has nice colors, detailed characters and several level background details, pretty similar to the Mega Drive version. Note that most of the background details are missing in the Amiga, which puts the ST version ahead of it! Oh yes, the Amiga version has less level details compared to the ST! But sprite animations and scrolling are both not that smooth here (but fluid on the Amiga version). The ST version runs in flip-screen mode, in which you see only one screen at a time, and move to the next screen by having Gomez exit the current screen via one of the display's edges. This affects badly the gameplay in a any platform game I believe.
The sound features the well known theme from the movie as an intro, while there are a few nice tunes during gameplay, but still inferior to the (pretty good) Amiga version.
  • The Addams Family
  • The Addams Family
  • The Addams Family
  • The Addams Family
  • The Addams Family
  • The Addams Family
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Comparable platforms
Atari ST
Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS
Hardware information

Atari ST

Atari STCPU: Motorola 68000 16/32bit at 8mhz. 16 bit data bus/32 bit internal/24-bit address bus.
MEMORY: RAM 512KB (1MB for the 1040ST models) / ROM 192KB
GRAPHICS: Digital-to-Analog Converter of 3-bits, eight levels per RGB channel, featuring a 9-bit RGB palette (512 colors), 320x200 (16 color), 640x200 (4 color), 640x400 (monochrome). With special programming techniques could display 512 colors on screen in static images.
SOUND: Yamaha YM2149F PSG "Programmable Sound Generator" chip provided 3-voice sound synthesis, plus 1-voice white noise mono PSG. It also has two MIDI ports, and support mixed YM2149 sfx and MIDI music in gaming (there are several games supported this).
The Atari ST (default) color palette
9-bit RGB 512-color palette
(16 on-screen and up to 512 in static image)
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