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Game info


GenreAction Adventure
DeveloperFirst Star Software
PublisherFirst Star Software
Reviewed byndial
Draconus is a great action platform game developed by Cognito in 1988 and released for the Atari XE/XL, C64 and ZX Spectrum!
You control Frognum, whose task is to reclaim his kingdom from the Tyrant beast. Find the four special abilities to metamorphose into your waterborne Draconewt and face the evil! You'll encounter bats, deadly balls or giant rats that generally follow fixed paths but may also swarm and chase you! There are two primary weapons at your disposal to eliminate these enemies; you may punch and claw them or you may incinerate them with your fire breath. Fire breathing is limited but can be replenished once in a while by collecting items. The atmosphere is at times truly adrenalin-pumping with the repeated shock factor of reaching a new screen that's teeming with large monsters and swirling, squidgy pulsating blobs. Note that an enemy contact reduces your life energy which can also be refilled by collectible symbols. Upon losing all your life energy Frognum loses a life and restarts from the last Record slab. The action is great I believe and this happens to be one of the best action platform games released for the 8 bit computers, followed but its sequel Dragonus 2!

The graphics are great on the 8bit Atari with details in different color palettes on each screen (though the background color remains black). The graphics are almost identical to the Commodore 64 version. The sprites' animation is a bit "bulky", but can be easily adapted. As far as the sound, this games features one of the most memorable tunes! Note that its music has been remixed a lot by many artist. But although I liked it a lot on my 8bit Atari (65XE), I was amazed by the C64 version (well, I'm a great fan of the SID chip anyway). The games does not have any sound effects but only this awesome game tune.
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
  • Draconus
Sound samples
Intro music:  In-game sound:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Atari XL/XE

Atari XL/XECPU: MOS Technology 6502C (1.79MHz for NTSC / 1.77MHz for PAL)
MEMORY: 16Kb, 64Kb to 128Kb RAM (600XL, 65XE/1200XL/800XL, 130XE respectively), 16-32Kb ROM
GRAPHICS: Upto 16 colors on screen at 160x192 or 2 colors at 384x240 (overscan) from an 128 to 256 color palette (the last available only on GTIA chip found in later than the old 400/800 models).
SOUND: (POKEY custom chip) sound generator of 4 voices, 3.5 octaves, capable for polyphonic music and sound effects.
The Atari XL/XE (default) color palette
256-color palette with 16 on-screen (for GTIA chip based models)
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