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DeveloperProbe Software
PublisherImagine Software
Reviewed byndial
A great smash hit and one of the most popular arcades ever released, Arkanoid promises plenty of fun even today! The game was converted to almost all 8/16bit home computers and consoles back in 1986!
In Arkanoid, your planet is invaded by an alien species and you control "Vaus". Vaus is a kind of an oddly designed spacecraft that you use as paddle that prevents any alien ball from falling out of the playing field. The Vaus re-bounces any ball towards a number of colored bricks. When a ball strikes a brick it causes it to break and when all bricks are cleared from the screen, you advance to the next level where another pattern of bricks appears. There is a number of more solid bricks that must be hit multiple times to break (like the metal ones) while there are also unbreakable bricks that can change the ball's direction. In more advanced levels, you will encounter some flying enemy ships and other creatures that can bounce back the ball when hit. You can collect power up capsules to enhance the Vaus in various ways: you can expand its length to cover more space, multiply the number of balls you strike, equip a laser cannon to shoot bricks and enemies, open a direct "portal" to the next level, make a ball to stick on your paddle and more (even make the paddle's length smaller -which is bad). Still the gameplay remains the same. Arkanoid is among the greatest video games in history and so highly accepted that it was released in almost every 8bit/16bit home computer and video game console; it is a really addictive -yet tricky game- that needs some skills to master but it never gets frustrating.

Technically the game is well done, offering almost all the arcade original details though its color palette might seem a bit "washed-out" to many gamers. In terms of sound, the C64 version uses the classic sound effects taken from the original game.
  • Arkanoid
  • Arkanoid
  • Arkanoid
  • Arkanoid
  • Arkanoid
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Comparable platforms
Amstrad CPC
Commodore C64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Acorn BBC Micro
Hardware information

Commodore 64/128/Plus4

Commodore 64/128/Plus4CPU: C64 MOS Technology 6510 1.02MHz (NTSC version), 0.985MHz (PAL version) / C128-D MOS 8502 2MHz, Zilog Z80A 4MHz
MEMORY: 64 KB or 128 KB RAM Expandable to 320-640 KB / 20KB ROM
GRAPHICS: VIC II 16 colors, 320x200 (2 unique colors in each 8x8 pixel block), 160x200 (3 unique colors + 1 common color in each 4x8 block), 8 hardware sprites, Smooth scrolling
SOUND: MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID, 3-channel synthesizer with programmable ADSR envelope, 8 octaves
The Commodore 64/128/Plus4 (default) color palette
VIC20: 16-colors YPbPr palette (16 on screen)
C64/128: 16-colors YPbPr palette (16 on screen)
C-16,Plus/4: 121-colors YPbPr palette (16 on screen)
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