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Game info

Super Monaco GP II

Super Monaco GP II
GenreArcade Racing
Reviewed byndial
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II is a racing game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear in 1992. It is a sequel to Super Monaco GP.
Strap yourself into the cockpit and get ready for F1 racing action in 16 different circuits to challenge the best drivers. Blaze through the field at the straights and take the checkered flag! Before racing there is a practice mode that lets you test the tracks and your car. During practicing a nice touch is a tip, supposedly from Ayrton himself, that helps your prepare and race on the selected track. Take a few practice laps on any of the 16 most demanding race courses of the world and then take on the top drivers of the championship circuit! The game has the option to change you car settings allowing you to adjust depending on each track. Before you start racing you have to qualify. Due to the Game Gear's small screen this version does not offer a dashboard view, rather a view from behind the formula. The game's map takes up half of the screen. During racing other cars will try to overtake you and sometimes crash you. Crashing will cause position loss and while trying to start and gain some speed again, the other opponents will overtake you easily. The controls are quite awkward (but responsive) since there is no accelerating or decelerating buttons. Your car accelerates by itself (!) and all you have to do is to steer and shift gears (!), a fact that makes the game very hard! Super MOnaco GP II supports a two-players racing mode via Game Gear cable link!

The graphics are smooth and bright. The tracks are simplistically designed and the cars look nice. Note that the game does not have a dashboard view, rather than a basic view from behind. The game's sound is the usual racing game affair but after a while it can make your ears hurt.
  • Super Monaco GP II
  • Super Monaco GP II
  • Super Monaco GP II
  • Super Monaco GP II
  • Super Monaco GP II
  • Super Monaco GP II
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Game Gear

Game GearCPU: 8bit Zilog Z80 at 3.58 MHz
GRAPHICS: A standard of 3,2" with 160x144 pixel resolution, 32 on-screen colours out of a palette of 4096. It support 64 hardware sprites (8x8 or 8x16 pixels). Video memory is 16 KB wide.
SOUND: 3 square wave generators, 1 noise generator, the system has a mono speaker (or stereo via headphone output)
The Game Gear (default) color palette
12bit RGB 4096-colours palette (32 on screen)
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