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Defender Of The Crown

Defender Of The Crown
GenreAction Strategy
Reviewed byndial
Defender of the Crown was originally developed by Cinemaware for the Amiga 1000, to showcase its graphical prowess. It's one of the first games to combine role-playing, strategy and fighting gameplay elements! Defender Of The Crown was later developed for the other 16-bits Atari ST, PC, Apple IIgs, Apple Macintosh and the 8-bits home computers computers Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and Spectrum ZX. There are also two console versions: one for the Philips CD-I and one for the Nintendo NES (developed in 1989).
Defender Of The CrownSTORY / GAMEPLAY
The year is 1149. King Richard has just returned from the Crusades and granted the title of Knight to 6 men who aided him on his quest. But after a while the King is murdered and the Holy Crown is lost. To save England your skills as swordsman and military leader will be severely tested. But should you succeed you'll win the Crown of England and the love of many a beautiful damsel! You take part on a strategy game as a Saxon knight in order to gain power and find the lost Crown. You can choose a character among 4 knights, each one with his powers and weaknesses. The game is based on a UK map, where you can move your armies and take over either Saxons' or Normands' territories. Read maps, plan raids, even team with Robin Hood, then plunder enemy strongholds, dueling for gold needed to build an army of mercenary vassals. You can also participate in jousting tournaments to gain (or…loose) either fame or territories! Giving a quick hint here, in jousting, just steer your own lance to the center of the opponent's shield and then press the fire button at the last moment. Still, though, this exactness depends on your character's ability in jousting...
Defender of the Crown is a great game to play, and if you haven’t done it yet, go on and do it. As long as you’ll learn what to do, you will be very glad to master this game.

The game features great scenes when you raid and battle, with graphics that looked so amazing back in 1987. The Macintosh version runs in black & white but resembles most of the original (Amiga) scenes while here are a few redesigned features e.g. the map menu. Each indoor or outdoor scene has its own unique graphics. Raiding takes you to an excellently detailed castle scene where a sword-fight takes place. The scene starts outdoors and then inside the castle’s rooms. Also, jousting scene uses the original graphics, where you ride your horse in a first-perspective view and aiming the lance using your mouse (or keys) to the opponent riding towards you!
Sound is fine, with medieval tunes(taken from the original) playing during gameplay scenes along with a few, but rather simplistic here) sound effects (sword clangs etc). There is also the nice intro music originally taken from the Amiga version though in much lower quality.
  • Defender Of The Crown
  • Defender Of The Crown
  • Defender Of The Crown
  • Defender Of The Crown
  • Defender Of The Crown
  • Defender Of The Crown
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Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS

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Apple Macintosh 68k
Hardware information


MacintoshCPU: Macintosh Classic (1984) and Macintosh Plus (1986), Macintosh SE and SE/30 (1987 and 1991 respectively) with Motorola MC68000 at 7.83 MHz
MEMORY: Macintosh Classic (128k, 512k), Macintosh Plus/SE (1MB expandable to 4MB), Macintosh SE/30 (1MB expandable to 128MB)
GRAPHICS: Macintosh Classic/Plus/SE with Black & White screen, 512x342 pixels
SOUND: Macintosh Classic/Plus/SE (internal speaker). 8-bit mono 22 kHz (support 8-bit sampled monaural sound sampled at the 22.25 kHz horizontal blanking rate)
The Macintosh (default) color palette
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