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Game info


GenreArcade Platform
DeveloperLeviathan Media Corporation
PublisherLeviathan Media Corporation
Reviewed byndial
Blade is yet another arcade platform and action puzzle games for the Macintosh computers that offered great visuals and sound, but rather frustrating controls. The game requires at minimum, Motorola 68020 processor, 3MB of RAM, 12MB HDD, as well as System 6.0.7 OS version or later.
You are Blade, Point Lancer of the Guardian Legion, who's mission is to defend Earth. After years of training, it came the time for hibernation, a necessity to keep the Legion in eternal vigilance. With all your knowledge, you entered the stasis chamber, hoping never to be awakened for your designed purpose. But suddenly your are no longer in the Legion Base, but on a grassy knoll in the middle of a strange alien forest... Your mission is now to discover the fate of the Guardian Legion and defeat the oppressors of humanity!
Blade consists of five levels with three screens at each level. The idea behind the game is to collect all the Teleporter Pods by walking over or attacking them. If there are more they will pop up after the previous is collected. When you collect them all, the handle will appear on the Teleporter, get back to it and ATTACK the handle so that to destory it and get transported to the next screen. Along the way you ill find power-up Pods, these can give you more life as well as speed. But before you can teleport to the next level, at the end of it, a Guardian awaits, banning exit to the next level, so you need to get rid of it too. Well, Blade is a rather difficult game, mainly because of its jerky controls, especially when trying to avoid traps or jump between platforms or even reaching them, and this is a major glich for such kind of games. I would recommend this game only because of its challenging puzzles, its good graphics and sound, rather than its gameplay. Don't avoid it, just try it and then decide its future in your Macintosh games library.

Well, as being said, controls are rather frustrating here, though its good 256-colored visuals and atmospheric sampled sound saves the day a bit. Sprites are nicely detailed as well as the backdrops, but the animation is somewhat jerky - and probably the main reason behind its awful controls.
  • Blade
  • Blade
  • Blade
  • Blade
  • Blade
  • Blade
Hardware information


MacintoshCPU: Macintosh Classic (1984) and Macintosh Plus (1986), Macintosh SE and SE/30 (1987 and 1991 respectively) with Motorola MC68000 at 7.83 MHz
MEMORY: Macintosh Classic (128k, 512k), Macintosh Plus/SE (1MB expandable to 4MB), Macintosh SE/30 (1MB expandable to 128MB)
GRAPHICS: Macintosh Classic/Plus/SE with Black & White screen, 512x342 pixels
SOUND: Macintosh Classic/Plus/SE (internal speaker). 8-bit mono 22 kHz (support 8-bit sampled monaural sound sampled at the 22.25 kHz horizontal blanking rate)
The Macintosh (default) color palette
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