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Fatal Fury F-Contact

Fatal Fury F-Contact
Reviewed byndial
Fatal Fury: First Contact is a fighting game released only for the Neo Geo Pocket handheld console and was loosely based on Real Bout's Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers. It is the seventh game in the Fatal Fury saga.
Fatal Fury F-ContactSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Fatal Fury: F-Contact (First Contact) follows the typical formula found in most fighting games in which you choose your character and fight against other opponents in a one-Vs-one combat. This particular version includes a new character named Lao and is playable in Versus Mode only. The fighter's controls consist of eight movement directions and three attack buttons: punch, kick and throw. As in all Fatal Fury games, each character has a variety of special techniques that are performed with different combinations in directions and buttons. Just for reference, the original Fatal Fury game was designed by Takashi Nishiyama, the creator of the original Street Fighter (1987).

The game's graphics are impressive, with beautifully detailed backdrops (up to 40 colors on-screen) while the sprites are large and well animated. The sound is also good, with a variety in-game tunes and sound effects. Fatal Fury: F-Contact is one of the most technically advanced games ever released for the Neo Geo Pocket hardware!
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
  • Fatal Fury F-Contact
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