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Raiden - pcengine
Super Star Soldier - pcengine
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Game info


GenreAction Adventure
Reviewed byndial
Blackthorne (released also as Blackhawk) is a platform action adventure game developed by Blizzard, for the SNES console and the PC MS-DOS computers in 1992. A version with enhanced graphics and a higher color palette was also released for the Sega 32X in 1995 and for the Mac OS in 1996.
The story begins at Sarlac's keep, located in a place called Tuul. The Lord of this dark world orders an attack by the time King Vlaros is at Stonefist with his people. The Evil Lord demands from his monsters to kill and steal the Lightstone, a valuable artifact with great powers. The game's hero is left in awe finding a destroyed world and people killed or imprisoned by the Evil Lord's loyals. Now he is called to fight his way through to avenge the so many deaths, free the prisoners and finally retrieve the artifact before the cruel warriors do. His only hope are his bombs, shotgun and climbing skills. The game resembles the great Flashback. You have to jump over gaps, climb into platforms, explode doors with bombs found on the way, hide in the shadows and, of course, shoot the enemies with your trustful shotgun. The gameplay is good and the difficulty level increases gradually, which means that you'll have plenty off time to master the game's moves and mechanics. Blackthorne is surely a masterpiece and among the best DOS games ever developed.

Blackthorne looks like Prince of Persia, Another World andd Flashback and it has notable and impressive visuals and animations. Blizzard Entertainment indicated that nearly 1000 frames of animation were used for ultra-realistic looking characters. The level design looks awesome, having great details and correct coloring in all stages. Both PC (DOS) and SNES versions look identical in term of graphics and animation.The sound on the DOS version is great, featuring a wonderful intro music and excellent, catchy in-game tunes along with sampled sound effects.
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
  • Blackthorne
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

PC (ms-dos based)

PC (ms-dos based)CPU: Various processors from Intel,AMD, Cyrix, varying from 4.77Mhz (Intel 8088) to 200Mhz (Pentium MMX) and up to 1995 (available on this site)
MEMORY: 640Kb to 32MB RAM (typical up to 1996)
GRAPHICS: VGA standard palette has 256 colors and supports: 640x480 (16 colors or monochrome), 640x350 in 16 colors (EGA compatability mode), 320x200 (16 or 256 colors). Later models (SVGA) featured 18bit color palette (262,144-color) or 24bit (16Milion colors), various graphics chips supporting hardware acceleration mainly for 3D-based graphics routines.
SOUND: 8 to 16 bit sound cards: Ad-Lib featuring Yamaha YMF262 supporting FM synthesis and (OPL3) and 12-bit digital PCM stereo, Sound Blaster and compatibles supporting Dynamic Wavetable Synthesis, 16-bit CD-quality digital audio sampling, internal memory up to 4MB audio channels varying from 8 to 64! etc. Other notable sound hardware is the release of Gravis Ultrasound with outstanding features!
The PC (ms-dos based) (default) color palette
CGA: 16-color palette (4 on-screen)
EGA: 64-color palette (16 on-screen)
VGA: 256-color palette (256 on-screen)
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