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Game info

Jazz Jackrabbit

Jazz Jackrabbit
GenrePlatform Shooter
DeveloperEpic MegaGames
PublisherEpic MegaGames
Reviewed byndial
Jazz Jackrabbit is a fun action platform game by shareware standards, similar in style to Earthworm Jim and Zool. It was released by Epic MegaGames in 1994, exclusively for the DOS PCs.
Jazz JackrabbitSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Devan Shell, the evil and notorious leader of a terrorist Turtle nation kidnaps Eva Earlong, the beloved princess of the galactic Rabbits and takes over the galaxy with his looting goons. The fate of planet Carrotus is now in the hands of one brave rabbit named Jazz and it's up to you to rescue Eva and prevent Devan Shell from succeeding in his crazy plot of turtle domination by swiping the goods out from under his slimy beak. Playing as Jazz you'll travel from planet to planet until you reach mad Devan. Jazz carries four basic weapons plus a variety of special ones. Those special weapons need ammo to fuel that comes in quantities of 2 or 15. If Jazz searches carefully enough he will find 2 special Weapons, TNT and Rapid Fire. There are several checkpoints that mark out the areas the Turtles claimed. By shooting those particular signposts will mean that the area now belongs to the Rabbits. The game offers vast levels, secret areas and some inventive power-ups. But if Jazz is lucky enough to find an oversized red gem, he can be transported to a bonus racing stage when he clears the level (presented in 3D view). Jazz Jackrabbit is fun, colorful and fast, much like some more popular games like Zool, so it's a highly recommended game for every platform fan (well, provided that a DOS PC is available).

Technically, the game looks and plays great since it can only run on 33 MHz (or faster) 80386 processors, with a minimum of 4 MB RAM and a VGA card. This combination gives us attractive graphics, super fast action, more than 130 simultaneous colors on screen and a great sense of humor, with plenty of nicely animated scenes and details. The sound and music are equally effective to the visuals as Jazz Jackrabbit supports Sound Blaster, SB Pro, SB-16, PAS-16 and Gravis Ultrasound hardware that offer a bunch of cool sound effects along with some nicely composed and funny tunes.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
Hardware information

PC (ms-dos based)

PC (ms-dos based)CPU: Various processors from Intel,AMD, Cyrix, varying from 4.77Mhz (Intel 8088) to 200Mhz (Pentium MMX) and up to 1995 (available on this site)
MEMORY: 640Kb to 32MB RAM (typical up to 1996)
GRAPHICS: VGA standard palette has 256 colors and supports: 640x480 (16 colors or monochrome), 640x350 in 16 colors (EGA compatability mode), 320x200 (16 or 256 colors). Later models (SVGA) featured 18bit color palette (262,144-color) or 24bit (16Milion colors), various graphics chips supporting hardware acceleration mainly for 3D-based graphics routines.
SOUND: 8 to 16 bit sound cards: Ad-Lib featuring Yamaha YMF262 supporting FM synthesis and (OPL3) and 12-bit digital PCM stereo, Sound Blaster and compatibles supporting Dynamic Wavetable Synthesis, 16-bit CD-quality digital audio sampling, internal memory up to 4MB audio channels varying from 8 to 64! etc. Other notable sound hardware is the release of Gravis Ultrasound with outstanding features!
The PC (ms-dos based) (default) color palette
CGA: 16-color palette (4 on-screen)
EGA: 64-color palette (16 on-screen)
VGA: 256-color palette (256 on-screen)
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