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Game info

Adventures Of Captain Comic

Adventures Of Captain Comic
GenreArcade Platform
Reviewed byndial
Adventures Of Captain Comic is originally a 1988 MS-DOS platform game, unofficially converted to the SAM Coupe. The game was also released for the Nintendo NES console.
Adventures Of Captain ComicSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Captain Comic follows many standard platform conventions: You are Captain Comic and the game is divided into a number of major areas, each one divided into three smaller "zones". Transitioning between zones plays a short tune and marks your "safe point" since all enemies are removed from screen and Comic's position is saved. The enemies have different AI -ranging from a simple bounce off the wall and preset paths to creatures that seek and stalk Comic. The enemies are restricted to their own area (e.g. the Space Pollen is found only on the moon) and some of them move faster than others.

The graphics are pretty simple but they use bright colors and a few nicely drawn backgrounds (like castles, trees etc). Although the sprites move rather smooth it is sometimes hard to avoid enemies (mainly...birds and bats or other flying foes) when jumping from one platform to another while the collision detection needed better attention from the devs. The sound features a very catchy intro theme as well as nicely composed in-game tunes plus a few digitized sound effects that make things pretty much impressive for an ... 8bit game; actually, the game shows some of the advanced Sam Coupe's sound and graphics capabilities.
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
  • Adventures Of Captain Comic
Sound samples
Intro music:  In-game sound:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Sam Coupe

Sam CoupeCPU: ZiLOG Z80B @ 6 MHz
MEMORY: 32 KB ROM, 256KB or 512KB RAM (up to 4.5MB externally added in 1MB packs)
GRAPHICS: Palette of 128 colours. Supports 256x192 (16 colours), 512x192 (4 colours), 256x192 (2 colours) and Mode 1 at 256x192 matching the display and colors of the ZX Spectrum. Was possible to display all 128 colors on screen in static images.
SOUND: Six channel, 8 octave stereo sound by Philips SAA 1099 chip.
The Sam Coupe (default) color palette
RGB 128-colours palette (16 on screen)
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