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Game info

Batz n Balls

Batz n Balls
DeveloperRevelation Software
PublisherRevelation Software
Reviewed byndial
An Αrkanoid-styled game released only for the SAM Coupe, with 150 levels of fast, smooth and staggeringly difficult.
Batz n Balls is a sort of like Arkanoid but immeasurably jazzier, with funky tunes, silky graphics and improved gameplay. Taking control of a dinky bat, the idea is to bounce a steel ball around the screen, knocking out bricks in order to progress to the next level. Some bricks conveniently yield up special icons when bashed, and these icons give you a variety of powers. Although the game is quite similar to the Arkanoid series, it does throw a few newies, for example one icon makes the ball rochoset off the bottom of the screen, while another reverses your controls etc. The game offers 150 levels (plus bonus screens), and in short has addictive qualities that outweigh several heavy bags of exceptionally addictive things. At the negative side, I would say that, the score depicted at the bottom-left, makes difficult to distinguish the bat when moving on the far-left, resulting on loosing easily the ball, thus losing a life instantly.

Technically, the game is fine. The SAM Coupe offers some colorful visuals with nicely done backgrounds and sprites, though nothing to complain about or to get overly excited about, actually. Sprites move relatively fast and smooth at all times. Sound and music are similarly effective. The sound effects are well matched to the game's atmosphere, while there is a pretty good main-menu tune, and several in-game nicely composed tunes.
  • Batz n Balls
  • Batz n Balls
  • Batz n Balls
  • Batz n Balls
  • Batz n Balls
  • Batz n Balls
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Sam Coupe

Sam CoupeCPU: ZiLOG Z80B @ 6 MHz
MEMORY: 32 KB ROM, 256KB or 512KB RAM (up to 4.5MB externally added in 1MB packs)
GRAPHICS: Palette of 128 colours. Supports 256x192 (16 colours), 512x192 (4 colours), 256x192 (2 colours) and Mode 1 at 256x192 matching the display and colors of the ZX Spectrum. Was possible to display all 128 colors on screen in static images.
SOUND: Six channel, 8 octave stereo sound by Philips SAA 1099 chip.
The Sam Coupe (default) color palette
RGB 128-colours palette (16 on screen)
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