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Game info


GenreAction Shooter
DeveloperApex Developments
PublisherApex Developments
Reviewed byndial
Exodus is a Smash T.V.-style game developed and published by Apex Developments for the SAM Coupe computers only, with fast action, 2-player co-op option, colorful scenes and catchy tunes.
Shoot hordes of enemies, collect power-ups and crisp packets, and advance screen-by-screen until you’ve beaten the big bad Bugs Unified Terrorist Team. The levels consist of a square room, like Smash T.V. on the arcade (with the exception that you can’t move from room to rooms) with about 6 entrances in the side from which enemies constantly pour. You must shoot the enemies to produce crisp bags and other bonuses, such as extra lives, and improved weapon power. When you’ve got all 5 crisp bags it’s onto the next level. Occasionally a prize will be thrown into the arena which can be picked up to increase your bonus or even enhance for a short period your firepower
Generally speaking, Exodus offers some nice shoot em up action but I don't think it would hold your interest for a very long time, since the game is quite difficult to progress as it gets pretty tough to clear overcrowded little rooms. A nice game that should have been easier.

Graphics are fine, and beautiful coloring makes the most of 16 colors on-screen here. Although there's a hell of a lot happening at once - colorful and nicely detailed sprites whizzing around all over the place, the action does not slow down at all! There is no variety of rooms in terms of graphics, rather than a single design for the main foes to cope with and another another one when a big-boss appears.
Soundwise, the game offers a nice introdutory tune, while there is lovely music, but rather repetitive- tune during gameplay.
  • Exodus
  • Exodus
  • Exodus
  • Exodus
  • Exodus
  • Exodus
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Sam Coupe

Sam CoupeCPU: ZiLOG Z80B @ 6 MHz
MEMORY: 32 KB ROM, 256KB or 512KB RAM (up to 4.5MB externally added in 1MB packs)
GRAPHICS: Palette of 128 colours. Supports 256x192 (16 colours), 512x192 (4 colours), 256x192 (2 colours) and Mode 1 at 256x192 matching the display and colors of the ZX Spectrum. Was possible to display all 128 colors on screen in static images.
SOUND: Six channel, 8 octave stereo sound by Philips SAA 1099 chip.
The Sam Coupe (default) color palette
RGB 128-colours palette (16 on screen)
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