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Pro Soccer 68

Pro Soccer 68
DeveloperC-Lab / Imagineer (JP), Mindscape (US)
Reviewed byndial
Pro Soccer 68 is a football / soccer video game released for the Sharp X68000 and the Nintendo SNES (known as World League Soccer). The game is actually a port from the original Amiga Kick Off 2 which was one of the most popular soccer games of the early 90s.
This is a soccer game, so no actual story here! The only goal is to ... score goals and win the Championship! Pro Soccer 68 plays exactly like Kick Off 2 and features a full size multi directional scrolling pitch. Both teams play the game strictly according to tactics. The sprites move into position to receive passes and keep the ball under possession. The ball moves ahead of the player and this makes the tackle a matter of skill rather than a choice. Each player on the pitch has a unique combination of attributes and skills suitable for the skill level at which the game is played. It also features new details, like action replays, players with different characteristics, different tactics and a variety of referees that show different mood! There is a selection among four pitches to play and up to 24 international teams to choose. The gameplay is tough and needs some skill as the ball handling tends to be extremely tricky despite the game's simplistic approach to soccer. Other than that, if you finally master the controls (after a number of attempts) Pro Soccer 68 will become a very addictive soccer game, especially when played on a two-player mode!

Though the game is visually minimal, the graphics look cool and feature smooth and fast animation on the pitch. The action takes place from a top down camera. But, the game's sound is quite poor as it offers only of a few sampled looped cheers (of bad quality that is) when a goal is scored, along with some simplistic sampled sound effects when, for example, the ball hits the goal posts. Unfortunately the X68000 kick Off version follow the original series' full set of wonderful sound effects, but overall it still is a Kick Off! What else could a X68000 gamer ask for anyway!
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
  • Pro Soccer 68
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Sharp X68000

Sharp X68000CPU: X68000 (1987) to SUPER (1991) models - Hitachi HD68HC000 (16/32-bit) @ 10 MHz OR XVI (1991) to Compact (1992) models - Motorola 68000 (16/32-bit) @ 16 MHz OR X68030 (1993) models - Motorola MC68EC030 (32-bit) @ 25 MHz
Also there is a Sub-CPU available (Oki MSM80C51 MCU)
MEMORY: 1-4MB RAM (expandable up to 12 MB), 1MB ROM (128 KB BIOS, 768 KB Character Generator), 1056KB VRAM (512KB graphics, 512KB text, 32KB sprites)
GRAPHICS: GPU (graphics processing unit) chipset: Sharp-Hudson Custom Chipset
Color palette of 65,536 (16-bit RGB high color depth) and maximum up to 65,536 colors on screen (from 256x240 to 512x512 resolution), up to 64 colors (from 640x480 to 1024x1024 resolution)
Graphics hardware: Hardware scrolling, priority control, super-impose, dual tilemap background layers, sprite flipping.
Graphical planes: 1-4 bitmap planes, 1-2 tilemap planes, 1 sprite plan
It supports 128 sprites on screen (16×16 sprite size), 32 sprites per scanline, 256 sprite patterns in VRAM.
SOUND: Yamaha YM2151: Eight FM synthesis channels
Yamaha YM3012: Floating point DAC with 2-channel stereo output
Oki MSM6258: One 4-bit ADPCM mono channel @ 22 kHz sampling rate
The Sharp X68000 (default) color palette
16bit RGB 65,536-colors palette (16 to 65,536 on screen)
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