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Best on 8bit micro!
International Karate + - Commodore64
Xyphoes Fantasy - AmstradCPC
Arkanoid II - AmstradCPC
Pang - AmstradCPCPlus
Wrath of the Demon - Commodore64
Night Hunter - AmstradCPC
Barbarian - AmstradCPC
Prince of Persia - SamCoupe
Lemmings - SamCoupe
Best on 16bit micro!
Turrican II - Amiga
Shadow of the Beast - Amiga
Jim Power - Amiga
Agony - Amiga
Turrican 2 - AtariST
Project X - Amiga
Super Frog - Amiga
Flashback - Amiga
Dark Seed - Amiga
Flashback - Archimedes
Warlocks - Archimedes
Cannon Fodder - Amiga
Turrican II - PC
Universe - Amiga
Hurrican - PC
Tyrian - PC
Super Stardust - AmigaAGA
Pac-Mania - X68000
Best on 8bit consoles!
Best on 16bit consoles!
Jim Power - snes
Donkey Kong Country - snes
Aladdin - snes
Comix Zone - Megadrive
Alien Soldier - Megadrive
Blazing Lazers - pcengine
Raiden - pcengine
Super Star Soldier - pcengine
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Game info

Captain America and the Avengers

Captain America and the Avengers
GenrePlatform Shooter
DeveloperData East
PublisherData East
Reviewed byndial
Captain America and the Avengers is one of the many games Marvel Comics developed due to the success of their Comics' sales and previously released games. The game is a classic multi-scrolling platform shooter with a few action adventure elements in which Batman must free the Avengers being kidnapped by the evil Red Skull. The game was released exclusively for the Nintendo NES in 1991.
Captain America and the AvengersSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Captain America and Hawkeye must track down their fellow Avengers, Iron Man and Vision that were taken as prisoners by Red Skull, Ultron, Crossbones and Wizard. Their legion of thugs will always be on your way during the 15 levels of the game. Fortunately, those levels are pretty straight forward. Captain America (or Hawkeye) enter in particular areas (selected from a map) throughout the United States and fight the foes moving from left to right. The exit of each level is hard to reach since you need to find and open a specific hatch and collect a little red glowing ball that will activate the exit. Those hatches are everywhere in the maze-like stages. Also, those hatches will offer you some power-ups that will be very useful as you progress. Captain America's main weapon is his the powerful shield he throws at foes while Hawkeye is using his deadly bow and arrows. The controls respond well, without any particular glitches. Captain America needs to jump over several platforms in each stage and this is quite easy as the controls are not clumsy and they are reasonably set. Note that some levels start with Captain America and some others with Hawkeye as the main character. Apart from the arcade mode, the game offers a Versus mode as well, in which you choose either Captain America or Hawkeye and fight with one of the game's big bosses in a one-on-one fight. In this mode you can jump on platforms to avoid enemy fire.

The game offers some nice colorful graphics with plenty of animated backdrops and well designed sprites. The open and the indoor areas are beautifully shaded although some areas are repeated but with different colors.The sound is composed of "catchy" -but rather repetitive- tunes along with a variety of sound FX.
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
  • Captain America and the Avengers
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Nintendo NES

Nintendo NESCPU: Ricoh 2A03 8-bit processor (MOS Technology 6502 based) at 1,79MHz
MEMORY: Boot ROM: 64 kbit (8 KB) to 2048 kbit (256 KB)
Main RAM: 64 kbit (8 KB), can be supplemented by game cartridges
Video RAM: 128 kbit (16 KB)
GRAPHICS: YPbPr 64-color palette supporting resolution of 256x240 with 32 colors at once and 64 hardware sprites.
SOUND: five mono sound channels and PCM sound (7bit values)
The Nintendo NES (default) color palette
6bit YPbPr 57-color palette (32 on-screen)
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