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Corpse Killer

Corpse Killer
GenreArcade Shooter
DeveloperDigital Pictures
PublisherDigital Pictures
Reviewed byP.Dial
Corpse Killer is an arcade light-gun shooter game based on full motion video. It was initially developed in 1994 by Digital Pictures for the Sega CD, Sega 32X, Apple Mac and a year later for the 3DO console.
An evil scientist called Dr Hellman has found a way to resurrect the dead and reanimate their corpses. As a result, this madman has managed to create a whole army of zombies that swarm the tropic island where the game takes place, probably in Jamaica. Your task is to fly to the island, exterminate all the "undead" population and put a permanent end to Dr Hellman's evil plans. On your quest, you have a native man (the Rasta-Man) as a guide and a beautiful, blonde journalist. The game is played from a first person perspective and it's surely better when played with the 3DO's light-gun. Its style reminds me of the fantastic shooter of the mid 80s, the "Operation Wolf". The gameplay is very easy (and also repetitive and boring). All you have to do is to just watch all the video sequences and then shoot every moving being on screen.

Corpse Killer's graphics look like full motion video (though the analysis is a very low and the gameplay area is small). Also, the screen's animation is jerky and very very slow! The characters are digitized figures and there's always a "movie-like" cut-scene where you watch the game's story, performed by real actors. The game's music is nice (it's a CD game after all) and the sampled sound effects are done well though your machine gun's sound seems a bit "weak" and it doesn't fit to the game's atmosphere. Overall, Corpse Killer is a repetitive, boring and low resolution (for the 3DO's standards) game.
  • Corpse Killer
  • Corpse Killer
  • Corpse Killer
  • Corpse Killer
  • Corpse Killer
  • Corpse Killer
Gameplay sample
Hardware information


3DOCPU: 32-bit 12.5 MHz RISC CPU ARM60
MEMORY: 2 MB of main RAM
GRAPHICS: 1MB VRAM, Resolution 640x480, 320x240 60 Hz for NTSC version, and 768x576, 384x288 50 Hz for PAL version with either 16 bit color (from 24 bits) or 24 bit, Two accelerated video co-processors capable of producing 9-16 million pixels per second (36-64 megapix/s interpolated), distorted, scaled, rotated and texture mapped.
SOUND: 16-bit stereo, 44.1 kHz sound sampling rate, Custom 20-bit Digital signal processor (DSP)
The 3DO (default) color palette
24bit RGB 16,7 million-color palette (16,7M on screen)
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