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Game info

Out Run

Out Run
GenreArcade Racing
Reviewed byPanos PDial Retroshowcase
Out Run is a major hit on the arcades in 1986 and is notable for its pioneering graphics and music. Due to the arcade's high popularity, Out Run was converted to almost every 8/16bit home machines, from 1987 and forward.
You drive your convertible sports car (that looks like a Ferrari Testarossa) with your blond girlfriend on the passenger's seat. Note: This game did not have an official Ferrari license (unlike its sequel Out Run 2 that was released many years later). Starting the race at a coastal highway, you must pass through four checkpoints completing five laps within a set time limit. Before every checkpoint, there is a "fork" allowing you to enter one of the two different race routes. The game is notable for its innovative arcade hardware of the time (including a mechanically moving cabinet), the fantastic graphics and music, the option to select the soundtrack of your choice as well as the opportunity to change routes. The aim is to race as fast as you can and change level before the time runs out. If you do this, your time will be extended and you'll continue racing towards the next track. Failing to do so, the hot blond will start to shout and complain!

For a home console conversion, the PC Engine Out Run is pretty faithful to the original arcade game. The NEC's console offers fast animation, a great choice of colors and arcade-style graphics. The game's sound is almost identical to the coin operated system, including the original selection of music tracks plus some nicely sampled sound effects like the car's engine and some additional ambient sounds.
  • Out Run
  • Out Run
  • Out Run
  • Out Run
  • Out Run
  • Out Run
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuo

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuoCPU: HuC6280 8bit at 3.6MHz
GRAPHICS: Dual 16-bit GPUs (HuC6260 Video Color Encoder, HuC6270A Video Display Controller), 64KB VRAM,
482 colors at once out of 512, 64 hardware sprites,
Supports: 256 x 256 to 320x256 flicker free interlaced screen resolution.
A 512x256 mode is possible through fiddling with registers, but not
SOUND: Capable of generating clear digitized sounds and harmonized music. Use of "Turbo Booster" add-on, could generate stereo sound.
The PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / TurboDuo (default) color palette
9-bit RGB 512-color palette (482 on-screen)
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