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Blazing Lazers - pcengine
Raiden - pcengine
Super Star Soldier - pcengine
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Demon's Crest

GenreAction Adventure
Reviewed byP.Dial
Demon's Crest is the sequel to the Gargoyle's Quest, a game developed exclusively for the SNES by Capcom. The hero, named Firebrand, made his debut on the classic Capcom's action platform game Ghosts 'N Goblins and was one of Arthur's main adversaries.
The story takes place in two different worlds: the human world and the demons world, that used to co-exist in peace. Years later, six valuable and powerful crests: water, air, earth, time and heaven, fell from the sky and landed on Earth, making the demons obsessed by the powers hidden inside them. A traitorous demon called Phalanx managed to make fool of Fireband and seize the crests for himself, aiming to gain power and rule the demons world! The outcome of his action was a bloody war among demons. Firebrand must now find and regain all 6 elemental crests. The flying demon travels through the realm trying to get his strength back (by finding health potions and crests) in order to spot and confront Phalanx inside his own castle. It's a non-linear quest, with most of the levels, including the final castle, opened from the very start. Firebrand attacks with his magic powers and he can also fly using his wings. Demon's Crest is a great 2D platform game with intense action that never gets boring.

The visuals are great, with nicely animated sprites and smooth background scrolling. All textures are greatly done and give an eerie and creepy atmosphere to the game. The game's sound is also great, offering some nice sampled sound effects along with a very decent music score.
  • Demon
  • Demon
  • Demon
  • Demon
  • Demon
  • Demon
Intro/Menu music:  In-game music sample:
Gameplay sample
Hardware information

Super Nintendo (SNES)

Super Nintendo (SNES)CPU: Ricoh 5A22, based on a 16-bit CMD/GTE 65c816 core, Input: 21.28137 MHz Bus: 3.55 MHz, 2.66 MHz, or 1.77 MHz
MEMORY: Main RAM: 128Kb / Video RAM: 64Kb / Sound RAM: 64Kb
GRAPHICS: Progressive: 256x224, 512x224, 256x239, 512x239 and Interlaced: 512x448, 512x478 / Pixel Depth 2,4,7,8 bpp (8 to 11 bpp dorect) / Colors: 32768 (Depth 15bit) / Sprites: 128 (64x64 pixels) / Backgrounds: Up to 4 planes each up to 1024x1024 pixels / Special: Mode 7 matrix operations. (1 layer 128x128 tiles out of 256 with 256 colors)
SOUND: Sony SPC700, Sony DSP: 16-bit ADPCM, 8 channels. Output: 32 kHz 16-bit stereo
The Super Nintendo (SNES) (default) color palette
15bit RGB 32,768-color palette (256 on screen)
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