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Game info

Jaws Unleashed

Jaws Unleashed
GenreAction Adventure
DeveloperAppaloosa Interactive
Reviewed byPDial
Jaws Unleashed is an action adventure game developed by Majesco in 2006 for the XBOX and PS2 game consoles. It's inspired by the glorious movie of 1975 "Jaws".
Jaws UnleashedSTORY / GAMEPLAY
Remember Jaws? The movie back in time (1975 that is) that scared a lot of people and haunted their "summer" dreams. Apart from the wide casting of actors used, the main "hero" was a Great White Shark, the fearless predator of the seas. I remember one or two games of the past carrying this title but none of them gives you the opportunity to be...the shark. Yes you read that right, in this game you play the role of this mean and huge fish and you cruise along its open oceanic world in order to survive, causing chaos around the beaches and destroying everything in your path. Apart from free-roaming and killing, there are some missions to be completed and you must beware of various enemies (armed people, submarines, patrol boats or even smaller sharks, killer whales and other species of the seas). You cruise everywhere, either surfacing and scaring the hell out of everyone with your dorsal fin cutting the waves like scissors or going under and swimming like a rocket through the beautiful settings of the ocean. You must take care of your endless hunger (besides you're a shark that weighs approx. 3 tons and needs to be fed), so you can attack each and every living creature that crosses your way and of course you must make sure not to get hurt. You must also gather points in order to strengthen your abilities (force, senses etc). You can use various strategies of attacking the others, especially when there are boats around. You can even attack from below thrusting and hitting with all the power you can get from this menacing creature you control. My only complaint is that sometimes the missions are quite difficult and the Great White seems like a helpless tuna (or something). Nevertheless, have fun people!

This game features perhaps the best shark I've ever seen on a video game. It moves so naturally that it leaves the feeling of a real-life Great White. Graphics are colorful, vivid and the bottom of the ocean is plain fantastic exploring it. Every other fish or mammal makes the ocean so lively! And people look so funny when terrified (splashing, screaming etc). There's also a lot of gore in this game (just wait and see what happens when you cut in two a person with your 3000lbs powered bite!). The sound is great. People screaming for help, guns firing at you when they find you, boats roaming with full speed and the sound FX under the sea are well placed and creepy sometimes. Music is, of course, a score taken directly from the 1975 film. Concluding, graphically and sonically the game is very very enjoying, though sometimes frustrating in terms of controlling the giant.
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
  • Jaws Unleashed
Hardware information


XBOXCPU: Intel custom Pentium III based @ 733MHz
MEMORY: 64 Mb DDR SDRAM @ 200MHz, dual channel (6400Mb/sec)
GRAPHICS: NZV2A Asic GPU @ 233 MHz, 932 Megapixels/sec, 8 Textures per pass, texture compression, full scene anti-aliasing, bilinear, trilinear and anisotrophic filtering. Geometry of 115M vertices and 125M particles per sec. GPU is similar to Ge-Force 3 and Ge-Force 4 as in PCs.
SOUND: NVidia Soundstorm NVAPU. Supports 64 3D sound channels with up to 256 voices. HRTF Sensaura 3D Enhancement supported. Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital Live 5.1, DTS Surround.
The XBOX (default) color palette
24bit RGB 16,7 million-color palette (16,7M on screen)
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