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Hardware information

Amiga CD32

released in 1994
Amiga CD32CPU: Motorola 68EC020 14 MHz
MEMORY: 2 MB, expandable to 10 MB max (2 MB Chip RAM + 8 MB Fast Ram)
GRAPHICS: AGA chipset, supports 24-bit color palette (16.8 Million colors) and 256 to 262,144 on-screen colors in HAM-8 mode. Resolutions supported: 320x256 to 1280x512i (PAL) and 640x480 (VGA)
SOUND: 4 channel 8 bit PCM, stereo output
MEDIA/STORAGE: 2x speed CD-ROM, external FDD 880Kb, ProModule, Paravision SX-1 and DCE SX-32 expansion modules (including IDE for HDD)
Boot menu screen title=Based on Commodore's AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecture) chipset, the CD32 was the first 32 bit CD-ROM based video game console released! It had the same architecture as Amiga 1200, giving the same graphical and sound capabilities and in addition it uses a CD-ROM media. The last made available to the developers to pre-load titles with FMW intros, in-game CD-audio tunes and (in some cases) extra playbale levels of a sam release on Aiga computers.
Several notable titles, such as Dark Seed, Microcosm (only on CD32, MS-DOS and Panasonic 3DO), Liberation: Captive 2, Simon the Sorcerer, Super Stardust and Zool 2 prevented the console from sliding into total obscurity. Obscurity started because on 1994, demanding games (in hardware) appeared in the market such as Doom, and this was something that 68020 and current AGA chipset couldn't really cope with it. But eitherway, the CD32 console had several re-touched 2D titles, having mainly extra intros, FMW and extra levels that the originals.
The Amiga CD32 (default) color palette
24-bit RGB 16.7 million-color palette
(256 on-screen and up to 262,144 in static image - HAM8)
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